“The Community” – A Retrospective

My fiancee Lissa posted on Facebook today that it was 7 years ago today that she'd sent me a friend request there.  That post brought me back to 2009, a really emotionally trying time for me.  My second wife had moved out in July of that year, something that I never expected would happen.  Even... Continue Reading →


Crawling Back To The Front Of The Line (For now…..)

Wow..... Let me start by saying that while I haven't been blogging, I have been active in size acceptance, not only via social media, but offering advice and support to others more active than I've been.  With that said, I want to thank the many people that continue to read my blogs at an incredible... Continue Reading →

Obesity & “PseudoScience”

We are more gullible and superstitious today than we were in the Middle Ages, and an example of modern credulity is the widespread belief that the Earth is round.  The average man can advance not a single reason for thinking that the Earth is round.  He merely swallows this theory because there is something about... Continue Reading →

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