My name is Phil Varlese.  I’m just an old dude who doesn’t claim to be any wiser than anyone else, but who’s had more years to screw up than most of you.

I’m here to put forth some observations I’ve made about life, particularly with emphasis on the little world known as the fat community.  I’m not here to sell you anything, or to become famous. My 15 minutes of fame was years ago, and at this point I could care less. I started this blog on the suggestion of my therapist after my second wife and I split up. I placed a couple of my blogs on Facebook, and many of my friends suggested that I “promote” my page.  The fact that there are so many readers of/subscribers to my blog amazes and humbles me. For some of you, I believe you tune in every week to see the writings of what you think is a bitter person. For others, you check in because you happen to agree with what I write. Generally, I think in black and white. I struggle with viewing gray areas, but I’m improving in at least understanding that gray areas exist.

Most of what I write is about obesity, or my reactions to how people react to the obese.  See, I used to be fat when I was younger.  In my late teens I put myself on a path towards health and in the process lost a significant amount of weight.  I did this with some friends, and one of the things that I noticed was that my friends were eating healthier than I was, and exercising more, yet they remained fat.  It was an eye opener for me.  I thought that everyone who checked their caloric intake and exercised would lose weight.  The first myth that was debunked for me was calories in < calories expended = weight loss.  It was NOT a theory that could be applied universally, and I’ve come across many more of these concerning weight and health in my years.

To answer the question some may have, no….I am not a member of the medical community, I’m not a personal trainer or a nutritionist.  With that said, I have no problem questioning anyone who comes from those backgrounds based on my knowledge.  I’m of the opinion that all of us should do that when it comes to our health.

Additionally, I blog about fat/size acceptance.  If you don’t know what that is, you probably wouldn’t be interested in my blogs.  As a non fat person fighting for fat acceptance, I’m occasionally viewed as someone who’s doing it for disingenuous reasons, but I can assure you that I felt the sting of being fat at an early age, and I’ve never forgotten.

Some personal info. I work as a territory sales manager for one of the largest tile and stone importers in the US. I have a degree in Business Administration from Montclair University, with a concentration in both Psychology and Literature. I returned to Montclair to complete the NJ Paralegal Certification program.  I owned my own businesses in the Atlantic City area for years, and was active in the local business associations.

I’m a part time musician, play guitar and keyboards, and sing a little. Also worked as a DJ for many years.

I’m a dad to 3 fantastic kids.

I also work part time as a promoter in the independent professional wrestling business.

I don’t typically allow comments on my blogs, only because I don’t want these thoughts to degenerate into a dissection of what I said vs what YOU said, where it becomes over analyzed to the point of everyone losing any sense of perspective. I DO like for my friends to comment on my Facebook page or message me to discuss anything I write. Want to be my friend? Contact me on Facebook and send me a friend request!

Thank you to all my readers.  My 2013 stats indicated that The Natural54 has been read by over 15,274 people in 156 different countries.   I’m both proud and amazed by those numbers.  I hope I can continue to write meaningful and thought provoking blogs.


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