“Bill…….this is God”
“God?  Hey, hey, hey!  What’s up, God?”

“I want you to go to call a press conference tomorrow, and tell the truth and let everyone know you raped all of those women………..”

In an ideal world, this would have happened, and he would have confessed.  However, in a true ideal world, this atrocity wouldn’t have happened to begin with.

I have a motto that I often post on social media that says “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”.  Unfortunately, stupid people have become heavily viewed in the past few decades, from the Kardashians to the folks on Duck Dynasty.  Our culture seems to be preoccupied with people that are deviant/crazy.  Hell, even our “president” came from a reality tv show.

But what about someone already famous?  What about someone we’ve looked up to for so many years?

Most celebrities have private lives.  Sometimes those private lives involve activities that are detrimental to the life of the celebrity in question.  Drug & alcohol abuse are examples of things that are often kept private until it’s time to go to rehab, and TMZ lets the cat out of the bag, and suddenly it’s not private anymore.

But what about secret lives, like Cosby’s, where not only rapes took place, but intimidation and bullying existed in an effort to keep these horrible assaults from reaching the media?  What about the lives that he’s ruined, how many years has he taken from all of these women who have lived with this, and felt forced to keep it private?

Please don’t ask me why it took so long for anyone to come forward.  Unless you’ve been raped by someone so publicly revered, you can’t ask that question.  The fact that there has been such a backlash against Andrea Constand gives reason enough why others didn’t come forward within their statutes of limitations.

It’s really not much different than the sexual assaults against children that ran rampant in the Catholic Church for so long, often kept out of the media in a similar manner, banking on the perception that no one would believe them if they came forward with their accusations.

So today, Judge Steve T. O’Neill declared a mistrial in the Cosby case, which is “neither a victory or a vindication”, according to him, prompting attorney Gloria Alread to say “We can never overestimate the blinding power of celebrity. But justice will come.‎” She added, “‎‎It’s too early to celebrate, Mr. Cosby.”

I think the one thing I’ve gotten out of this trial is that 60 women have essentially given the same account of Bill Cosby and a jury still can’t agree that he raped anyone, and that scares me.

The person truly coming off as “less than” is Camille Cosby, who today lashed out at the District Attorney & judge in the case as “explosively ambitious”.   Bitch please.  The DA and the judge are trying to see justice served, with a jury that I’m certain are still in shock that someone held in such “high regard” could do something so heinous.  Let me ask you this.  If you were married to someone, and found out about their infidelities, and they’ve given you a lifestyle that you would never have had otherwise, would you not proselytize to the masses that he’s the greatest husband in the world?  Sure, I know Camille Cosby’s net worth is $20 million, based on her work as both an author and producer.  BUT, that is eclipsed by Bill’s net worth of $400 million (20 times more than her) and has to cause one to at least reflect on why she remains with him despite the horrible acts he’s been accused of.

Of course, the public perception of Bill Cosby has changed since these allegations came to light, but let’s face it, at almost 80 years old, he wasn’t getting a lot of film rolls or endorsement deals.  The only thing he may have been offered was for public speaking, and that avenue has certainly dried up of late.  It’s not just about loss of revenue, though.  For me, he needs to be convicted of at least ONE crime, especially since there are 60+ other crimes that he’ll never have to pay for.

But then again, who am I to judge?  It’s really up to a flawed legal system (one I used to have faith in) that today lets policemen shoot young black men at point blank range, but allows the white man’s Negro (Cosby) lots of slack because he embraced the white agenda.  I apologize if this blog comes off a bit disjointed, but the announcement of the mistrial today has me twisted.

I keep praying for justice.  It didn’t come today, and it may not come in my lifetime, but if Bill Cosby doesn’t get what he deserves here, as someone who believes in the justice of a divine power, he’d better be sweating now, because at 79, there can’t be much more time left for him.  Even so, I keep praying that I get to see this image in my lifetime.






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