I Can’t Drive…….55, Or Pass In the Proper Lane

Every year, it get just a little bit worse.

Keep right

Spring comes after a cold winter, and people who have been shut in for most of the season decide that the weather is warming up enough to get in their cars and head out someplace/anyplace to have a good time.

Interestingly, the cops head out as well, but it’s mostly about fundraising, as they’re giving out tickets for phone use and not using seat belts.

I drive about 50-55,000 miles a year throughout the NJ/PA area.  I’m on every major road in both states.  Sure, I see things that annoy me, like the truck drivers pulling 53 foot trailers that have no regard for anyone/anything around them.

My major concern (and I’ve seen a ton of it so far this spring) is people passing at incredibly high speeds in the right lane.  Typically they weave in and out of traffic, but more recently they’ve begun to ride the cars in front of them, like those cars are expected to go the same speed.

The problem is, it’s typically older people in the right lane, minding their own business when suddenly they have someone less than 12″ from their rear bumper.

Yes, I’m older, and I was taught to follow the driving laws, one of which is on the sign above that says “Keep Right, Except To Pass”.  Somehow that’s gotten lost on today’s major highways. Hell, I’ve seen cars pass on the shoulder of the road.

Typically, it’s millennials that are the culprits (though not all of the time), who I guess were never taught properly.

Granted, there are drivers who swing across several lanes of highway to get in the far left lane & then slow their car to 5-10 miles UNDER the speed limit.  I get it, I have them in front of my almost daily.  I typically will get them to move over by flashing my lights, or if that doesn’t work, I sit on my horn.  Eventually they get the hint.


Here’s the other problem……these right lane passers often shift so quickly into the middle lane that anyone trying to move over risks getting hit as these cars weave in and out of the lanes, thinking they’re somehow getting ahead, when all they’re doing is making it dangerous for everyone else.

My point is really just to warn people to drive a little more defensively, knowing that the other driver isn’t.  I like to return from work healthy and intact, and with my car.  When I was younger, I would run these clowns off the road, but as I got older I realized that their careless driving might just take care of that all by itself.

Be safe, people….



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