Just Desserts (Don’t Worry, We’re Cool, Adam)

In what seems to be becoming a semi annual affair rivaling Mel Gibson & Alec Baldwin tirades, Adam Richman, host of the popular TV show Man vs. Food, went off on a vile social media rant several weeks ago.  Interestingly enough, the rant was directed at one of his fans, who simply posted to inform him of his use of a term that she felt he didn’t quite grasp the meaning of.

Unfortunately for her, he does grasp the meaning of telling people off on social media, and proceeded to do so to her.  If you don’t know the entire story, I suggest that you read THIS ARTICLE, which will share all of the details.  For those of you who don’t want to read the article, here’s part of his rant.


There was more, but if you want all of the dirt, just read the article.

He did apologize, sort of.  Of course his supporters, fans who adore Adam for being “cute” on TV, and others who admire him for his recent weight loss came out of the woodwork in support of him, to be expected.

The problem for me, of course, is that it’s not the first time it’s happened, and likely not the last.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, read my previous blog which chronicled a similar encounter about 6 months ago.  Similar comments, one in particular directed at a friend of mine who had taken him to task for his comments, only to have Richman tell him that his wife (who had recently passed away) should “suck Satan’s leathery cock”, and that he should also commit suicide.  I hurt for my friend, he could handle the comments directed at him, but anyone would be devastated over vile comments directed at a deceased loved one.

I complained to the Travel Channel over Richman’s comments.  As most of you readers know, I don’t actively promote my blogs, so there wasn’t the same furor that there is over his current rants.  Of course, Travel Channel (via the Scripps Network) hid behind the following response that was sent back to me:

> Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2013 23:01:16 +0000
> From: IS6061_58741@is.instantservice.com
> To:………………@hotmail.com
> Subject: RE: [Concern] tc_man_food (#6563-397150059-0702)
> Hi Philip,
> Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Our brands and sponsors do not control our on-air talents’ off-air conversations, however, we will be glad to pass your comments along to our executive team for review.
> Best regards,
> Scripps Networks Interactive Customer Service
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So, of course I was thrilled to see today that the Travel Channel had decided (after Richman’s latest rant) to pull his latest show, called “Man Finds Food”   From the Jezebel website:

After Adam Richman posted a hate-filled rant on social media, Travel Channel has pulled his upcoming show.

 Oh boo. Richman, as you will remember, posted a horrifying series of attacks directed at people who questioned his use of the hashtag #Thinspiration on a photo. Richman, the host of Man vs. Food recently lost a significant amount of weight and was using the photo of himself to celebrate his new physique. When others tried to point out that #Thinspiration is used in pro-bulimia and pro-anorexia circles, Richman pretty much lost his shit.

Today, Travel Channel announced it was postponing his new show, Man Finds Food. The network would not confirm the reason for change, according to The Washington Post:

The show, featuring Richman uncovering “delicious hidden food treasures” across the country, was supposed to debut on July 2. Then the channel suddenly announced it would be postponed with no details about a later date. A surprising move, given that Richman is one of the network’s most profitable stars, the host of shows including “Man v. Food,” “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” “Adam Richman’s Best Sandwich in America” and others.

Here’s a thought! If you want to have a successful career as a television personality, try not telling people “Grab a razor blade and draw a bath. I doubt anyone will miss you.” Especially don’t tell them that in a public forum where everyone including the people who hired you and paid you tons of money can see it and wonder why in the world they should let someone with such a scummy point of view host one of their TV programs.

Everyone say it with me: “Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!”

In an effort to be the “nice guy”, Adam Richman released an apology to ABC’s “Good Morning America” program this morning, which I believe was sent AFTER Travel Channel pulled the show.  Here’s what he said:

“I’ve long struggled with my body image and have worked very hard to achieve a healthy weight. I’m incredibly sorry to everyone I’ve hurt.”

So, is this really an apology, or a way to get viewers to feel bad for his plight?  Adam, nearly 2/3 of the world struggles with body image, thanks to fat hatred and comments like you’ve made in the past.  By the way, what is a “healthy” weight?  I’ve seen people weigh 400 lbs and more whose blood pressure, sugar levels, lipids, etc were all in what was considered healthy ranges for all of their lives.

I spent a little time looking around on the internet, finding out more about Mr. Richman.  He’s quite a charitable person, having been involved in Soccer Aid (a charity football game), raising money for Cancer Research UK, and makes numerous appearances on behalf of various charities.  It’s difficult to reconcile the two different behaviors, except to say that perhaps the charitable side is at the urging of his PR department, in an effort to somehow offset these horrible comments that end up on social media.  I don’t know which side is the real Adam Richman, but I really hope it’s not the one I’ve seen on Twitter and Instagram.

I visited his Facebook page today in an effort to explain to some of his fans who support him why his most recent outburst was wrong.  Less than an hour later, all comments on his page (except those made by his own media machine) were removed.

I just want Adam to know that I’m okay.  Most of my friends that you’ve insulted and/or hurt are too.  I think we’re okay because a little bit of justice has been served (for now), and perhaps you’ll realize that there can be consequences for being an ass.  Hopefully you’ll learn from this incident and move one, avoiding the pitfalls of using social media.  Better yet, hopefully you won’t be an ass.


Because, if you don’t, the “idiot with the stupid blog” will be back to write about you.



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  1. This had to happened, just like with Paula Deen. They were receiving money from the same people that they despise. As the victims of their abuse, they had the right to stop it.

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