Trolling, & Misinterpreting HAES

As some of you know, there was a recent twitter campaign that used the hashtag notyourgoodfatty.  If you’re not familiar with this campaign, take a minute to read my previous blog about it.

So, as always in a place where all of the wisdom of the world is shared in 140 characters or less, the doctors, scientists, nutritionists, fitness experts, and any other euphemism for fat trolls came out of the woodwork to explain why fat people are fat, to fat people.

I saw a post today that intrigued me, written by someone I don’t know.

Looking through just makes me sad. A concept like respect no matter what size is lost in a sea of misinformation & denial.

I agreed with the tweet.  I’ve always held the opinion that all people should be treated with respect (at least until the other person treats me or someone close to me with anything less than that).  The rest of her tweet I assumed was the fact that this simple concept was lost in so much misinformation.  Made sense, until I saw another tweet from her:

I think my point was lost. I WISH was about treating others equally. Not the delusion of HAES.

I was shocked that someone actually thinks that both size acceptance and HAES are joined at the hip.  It screams to me that this person had little or no understanding of HAES, and likely based her opinion on little snippets she’s read on Twitter.  That’s one of the reasons that I haven’t participated in the #notyourgoodfatty campaign on Facebook recently.  One can’t sufficiently explain and/or debate points on Twitter.  People have written volumes of opinions & research on the topic, and it’s virtually impossible to cover those points in a sentence or two.  As a result of trying however, a bunch of people who know little about HAES or obesity have declared themselves experts because “If I got myself in shape & lost weight, then you should be able to do it too!”

Please….while I’m thrilled that you’re happy with your life & relative health (& remember, health is a journey, and can vary greatly at any point in time), the fact is that you’ll never walk in the shoes of another person, and can’t assume their level of health, their ability to lose weight (assuming they feel they want or need to do so).

For the Twitter Trolls who purport to be HAES “experts”, perhaps you can take some time to read the following:

Weight Science:  Evaluating The Evidence For A Paradigm Shift – By Linda Bacon

And to the young lady who tweeted earlier today and who motivated me to write this blog….



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