Fixing The Problem??


I saw this meme several days ago.  It was posted by a guy who I’m guessing has encountered a degree of fat bias at his gym, and wrote a blog about it.

I think it’s great, and his reaction should be to confront those who are giving him grief when all he’s trying to do is improve his health.  It goes a step further, however.

Fixing the Problem?

Part of the issue here is that there’s an assumption that a problem even exists with being fat, or having fat on your body.  It’s the equivalent of admitting that being fat is sub standard, which isn’t necessarily the case.  Hey, there are thin & average sized people who are healthy, and some who aren’t.  There are also fat people who are healthy, and some who aren’t.

The real goal should be health, and fat bias shouldn’t stop that.

By the way, should you decide NOT to work towards being healthy, it’s your decision.  Your body shouldn’t be anyone else’s problem.




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