Celebrity Former Fatties & Separating Themselves From The Pack (aka Not Cool, Adam…)

You’ve all seen it done before.  Whether it was Kirstie Alley or Jennifer Hudson or others, there’s a lot of pressure in Hollywood to lose weight.  Understandable, based on the Hollywood standard of what they think is attractive.

Now, while there are some who buck the trend like Jennifer Lawrence (see video below), others succumb to that pressure.

What I always found interesting however, is how so many of them suddenly turn into fat phobic fanatics, and how they forget where they came from.  This past week, Adam Richman became one of those celebrities.  Most of you are familiar with Richman and his former TV show Man Vs. Food, still in reruns on the Travel Channel.  Here’s a pic of Adam from his MVF days on the left, and the “new” guy on the right.

Richman 1We should have known that after the weight loss Richman might be one of those celebrities who would try to separate himself from the fat world, as just a few months ago he made the following comment:  “People expect me to order the biggest, richest dish, but it’s nice saying no,” Richman told People magazine. “I’m no human Dyson.”  Maybe he was trying to be funny, but saying YOU aren’t a human Dyson means that you think others are.   Not cool, Adam…

Now, I get that some celebrities are paid to detach themselves for other fat people.  Diet companies pay them to do it, and while some regain the weight and then act like they didn’t do that (Kirstie Alley), the fact remains that many will continue to do it even after they regain, which just makes them look even more ridiculous.  But let’s get back to Adam.

A few days ago on a late night flight back from Detroit, Richman made the following tweet about a particularly annoying plus sized woman on his flight (It’s screen capped, so his PR person can’t deny it):


Not cool, Adam…

Wow.  SmartCar sized biatch.  How creative.  I can understand the bitch part, we all encounter them in life.  Obviously I take issue with calling someone SmartCar sized.  A couple of things came to my mind immediately:

1.  What a douchenozzle!
2.  As a former fat person, you have to be aware of how mean describing someone that way sounds.
3.  It says more about you than it does about the annoying woman.
4.  It just re-emphasizes the double standard in our world where it’s okay for men to be fat, but not women.

I won’t address point 1, since that was more a knee-jerk reaction by a former fan.

Describing someone in such a demeaning way is something I’ll never understand.  A while ago, I posted something in response to Maria Kang’s “What’s Your Excuse?” campaign with something that was instilled in me by both my parents when I grew up….


Evidently Richman seems to enjoy using the SmartCar analogy, as he used it in describing himself prior to his weight loss in a recent article in the UK’s Daily Mail.  (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2424441/I-didnt-like-doughy-face-How-Man-v-Foods-Adam-Richman-lost-60lbs-retiring-extreme-eating-show.html)

Somehow I felt that Richman may not have grown up the same way I did, hence his horrible reaction & tweet.  I’m sure the woman on the plane was quite annoying and may have been deserving of some venom, but deal with the person, not with the appearance.  It also occurred to me that I was doing just that, judging him by who he was (based on what he said), not how he looked.  To me, it truly does say more about him than it does about his passenger buddy, who we may never know.  I know as a former fatty, it doesn’t give me a right to slam people that are still fat.  Quite honestly, last year I started to gain a significant amount of weight which was out of my control at the time (I had yet to be diagnosed with onset diabetes), and for Mr. Richman, a weight gain may not be that far off for many reasons, if he isn’t committed to his “new lifestyle”.

It also brought me to my last point.  Richman, while doing Man Vs. Food was idolized by many women.  He was called sexy, cute, a “teddy bear”, and to lots of women, his obesity wasn’t an issue for them at all.   I wonder how many of them would do an about face on him if they had read his tweet before it was removed from both his Twitter & Facebook pages?  So my thoughts ran to how it’s still a man’s world, where the only body judging really going on is by men of women.

Richman apologized the next morning for his hate filled rant, but he’d still left the original tweet up until the backlash.  By noon the posts were removed, but as you can see, I saved it as a reminder to him that words on the web don’t necessarily go away the way you’d like them to.  Regardless, here is his “apology”

I apologize to all who were upset by my vitriol about this vile person’s conduct. I can’t pretend not to be affected, regardless of my job.

I’m not sure that everyone was accepting of this half hearted apology.  He still referred to the woman as vile, which is another word for repulsive, or ugly, or horrid.  Not cool, Adam.

I posted this on his Facebook page, with no response from either Richman, or any of his fans:

For what it’s worth, meeting vile conduct with vile conduct is no way to go through life, particularly if you’re in the public eye, and while some people whose conduct would likely match this woman’s might support the comments that you made last night, at the end of the day, more people will think what you said was wrong.

My fiancee also called him out, making the following comment:

You can’t pretend not to be affected, yet you can blatantly degrade another individual based on their size? Regardless of your intent Mr. Richman, you must have forgotten that you have a place in the public eye.
Size discrimination is never OK. The person you “called out”, could very easily have been yourself before you made your lifestyle change. Maybe think about that before you engage in a social media rant next time.

This won’t be in the news, the media doesn’t think about fat discrimination as newsworthy.  Richman will be happy to see it go away……but I wanted it on record that this former fat man found it in him to ridicule someone who looked similar to him less than 2 years ago.  This little blog will always be here, reminding you not of how fat you used to be in your “Dyson” life, but to remind you what a bitch you are.

Karma-Is-Only-A-Bitch-If-You-Are_large****UPDATE 12/14/13****

Richman’s Facebook page has gotten a significant amount of negative response to his fat hating tantrum.  One of the responses came from a young man named Richard, who I share a friendship with on Facebook.  His criticism of Richman went further than my simply calling him a bitch.  And today, on Richman’s Facebook page, the post from Richard was removed, and Richman made the following post in response:

Oh Richard ********* – you and your lovely wife can go suck Satan’s leathery cock in hell you ignorant, long-winded shitheel. Get a clue or get a rope & a stool. Pretty much the only way you’d ever contribute something of value to this world.

Now, while I get a guy telling another guy off, dragging a guy’s wife into the argument is even a lower blow than Richman’s “Smart Car” statement.

For years, I enjoyed Man Vs. Food, and enjoyed the host, Adam Richman.  He was engaging, funny, and seemed down to earth.  The “new & improved” Adam Richman isn’t.  THIS Adam Richman is vulgar, condescending, rude, obnoxious and vile.  I won’t ever watch Man Vs. Food, or any show that features him as host.  I’m sad the Adam Richman I though I knew is gone, but perhaps he was never there to begin with.

***Update 12/15/13***
It appears that Richman doesn’t like my blog, or at least the one about him.  Yesterday, a few of his fans/minions tweeted back to me after I tweeted the link to this blog, and it wasn’t to compliment it.  Today, Richman felt the need to address it, with the following tweet:
It always amuses me me how having a free blog account makes the dumb & deluded think their ignorant rambling is investigative journalism
I’m far from dumb and deluded.  Perhaps your sense of popularity has caused you to feel that you can call people Smart Car Sized, and tell others to kill themselves.  I’m firmly grounded, and my blogs are far from ignorant rambling.  This blog never purported to be investigative journalism.  It simply chronicled what you have said over the past several days, and what you’ve said isn’t very nice, for someone who’s in the public eye.  Call it whatever you want, and while my blogs don’t get more than a couple of thousand readers a week, perhaps reading your comments will give them a different perspective as to who Adam Richman really is.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Former Fatties & Separating Themselves From The Pack (aka Not Cool, Adam…)

  1. Its obvious that you do not know the real adam Montgomery richman this man would never ever make light of someone’s size or anything else different as a fan of mr richmans and a big woman myself I have not known of him ever making fun of what most people call “fat” this man is a great teacher, humanitarian and a very compassionate human being now put your nasty dictionary away and throw your computer out the window, I mean you call yourself a writer please my friends six year old granddaughter makes more sense. Oh yes as for adam richman you make any remarks about him that are negative you just crossed the line into enemy territory because I stand behind this man unconditionally!

    1. Ms. Potratz. I don’t think I’m writing fiction here. What you saw was a screen capture of what was on his page. I didn’t (and wouldn’t) call anyone the size of a Smart Car.
      Not everyone likes my writing style, though some six year old kids understand it. I’m sorry you don’t, but perhaps your granddaughter can help you with that.
      You may think he’s a great teacher, but to me, it looks like he still has a lot to learn.
      Thanks for writing.
      Your enemy

  2. Oh I love it when the nastiest insult someone can come up with is that you write like a child. That’s sooooo insulting. /sarcasm. OMG I bet you cried for hours when you read that one.

    1. Evidently Ms. Potratz, who accused me of writing like a child, does not have sufficient punctuation, so I’m asking everyone to chip in so she can buy some.

      In a post on Richman’s Facebook page, she accused me of “defamating” him. I’m not sure if she meant I was defaming him, or defecating on him.

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