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Recently I’ve been working on a blog concerning the FA group (and I don’t mean Fat Acceptance, I’m talking about Fat Admirers), and a website/YouTube channel that engages in their own judgment & shaming under the guise of loving fat women, but a couple of “articles” turned up today that I feel the need to address.

The first was posted in Huff Post’s Healthy Living section.  It’s a short blog from Dr. Lauren Pecorino called “Obesity Is The New Cigarette”.  Catchy phrase.  Dr. Pecorino is Principal Lecturer at the University of Greenwich, London and the author of two books: The Molecular Biology of Cancer, and Why Millions Survive Cancer, both published by Oxford University Press.

I’ll break down the article in it’s simplest form.  Dr. Pecorino says that everyone should want to reduce their chances of cancer (duh..), and according to statistics from the American Cancer Society the trends in death rates from lung cancer in males is down significantly.  Now while the good doctor says that is from fewer people smoking (which I believe fewer people today probably are smoking less, or not at all than compared with 25 years ago), but her statement doesn’t acknowledge that perhaps the mortality rate is down because contemporary medicine is better equipped in treating lung cancer than they were 25 years ago.  But I digress….

Figure 4-20132

She then goes on to say that obesity is linked to many cancers.  She links to a report called “Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer: a Global Perspective”.

It’s published by the World Cancer Research Fund.  I haven’t read the 537 page study.  What I noted is that the chapter concerning obesity is the shortest chapter in the study.  Even its title makes no mention of obesity, but focuses on Food, Nutrition and Physical activity.  Hell, fat people already know the importance of that.  Where they part ways with Dr. Pecorino is where she claims that it’s obesity that increases cancer, whereas the study seems to focus on the three items noted in the title of the article.

She then states from the study that “states that there is convincing evidence that body fatness increases the risk of postmenopausal breast, endometrial, esophageal, pancreatic, kidney and colon cancers.”    Okay, again not having read the study (which I plan on doing) I don’t know enough to agree or refute these conclusions.  I would add however, that if the good doctor was able to sit down and have a real conversation that doesn’t make every fat person the enemy, we might actually agree on the importance of fresh food vs. processed, and exercise in helping to reduce cancer.  I don’t think she’s interested in talking with me, since she deleted a comment I made on her article, which stated that I’m a cancer survivor who was not fat and not a smoker, and that I would like to see how she was able to connect the dots to come to the conclusion that it’s obesity that raises the chance.  I also added that if people are genetically disposed to be fat, are they automatically at an increased risk.

Some advice, Doc.  Even if my comment seemed inane to you, it was the only comment on your article at the time, and you chose to delete it rather than address my points, which are points that would have been made by many people who are obese.  As of the writing of THIS blog, you only have one comment, from a guy who completely agrees with everything you said, because after all, the food industry is just like the tobacco industry, poisoning the American public in the name of corporate profit, and blah, blah, blah.  Way to go.  Leave the comment from the conspiracy theorist, and delete a comment that asked serious questions.  I looked you up on Twitter, and saw that you only had 24 followers.  That’s sad but understandable, based on how you moderate comments on your articles.  I’m sorry to say that we could have had some good discussions (I’m a great listener), but you lost me when you compared being fat (which isn’t elective in many cases) to smoking cigarettes with regard to cancer.



Onto the next topic.  I’ll be brief.

Check out the article that was published today by the CBC.  From the lead in the article:

Obesity increases the risk of premature death even in people without high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes, according to a review of studies challenging the idea of “healthy obesity.”

In other words, if you’re fat, you’re going to die younger…….

That’s funny, I recently read an article that noted a study from the University of Glasgow, who stated that claimed that nearly one in four people are now obese in older age.  You can link to this article here.

So my question to the researchers who said the obese are dying young, did you read the University of Glasgow study?  Did they read yours?  Do fatties die young, or do old people just get fat, and if they do, do they die sooner?

You researchers really need to talk.


A special thanks to Jes, aka The Militant Baker for her latest blog entry WHAT AUTOCOMPLETE WILL TELL YOU ABOUT FAT HATE AND WHY IT NEEDS TO STOP

If you haven’t read this, please take a moment to do so, and get involved in her photo campaign.  The world can be changed through grass roots movements.  It’s been done throughout our history, and today we have the ability to spread knowledge via the internet.  Let’s use this!





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