Obesity & Arthritis……And Misinformation?

Most of my regular readers know that I’m not an exceptionally patient person.

Yesterday I came across an article titled “What Is The Relationship Between Obesity And Arthritis” on a website called Total Wellness Choices.  I’m going to link you to the article here if you decide that you want to look it over before reading the rest of my blog.


I typically know that I’m in unfriendly territory when I open a page on the internet and see a headless fat person.  That is going to be the subject of an upcoming blog, but suffice to say that rapists and murderers still show their faces in the media, which must mean that fat people are considered even lower than them, at least by media standards.

fat-man-300x300Anyway, the point that was made that intrigued me was the following:

Most Arthritis Sufferers are Overweight

Really?  My father’s side of my family all had arthritis, and other than my grandfather (who suffered from Diabetes), none of them were fat.  So where did this point come from?  I continued to read the article, and stopped again, when I read the following:

While the relationship between obesity and arthritis remains unclear, scientists are convinced that a relationship between this condition and higher than normal weight does exist. And that, even if obesity itself does not actually cause you to suffer from arthritis, being overweight can certainly worsen the condition and increase the pain and other symptoms.

So wait, let me get this straight.  The title of your article is about a relationship between obesity and arthritis, and in the body of your article you admit that the relationship between the two is unclear?  Then you say that “scientists” are convinced that relationship between the two exist.  WHY are they convinced?  WHO are the scientists?  Are they from the pharma industry?  You know, the guys who want people to believe that fat is the cause of everything that wrong with them so they can continue to perpetuate the $56 Billion business of dieting, rather than simply focusing on overall health and emotional well being?

Then you go on to claim that being overweight can worsen the condition and increase arthritic pain.  You never explain why, or cite any study that says that.

In spite of that, I tried to be as nice as possible.  There is a comments section, and this past weekend, I tried to post a comment about the article.  I simply asked the author if it occurred to the researchers that their subjects were “overweight” because the arthritis limited their ability to get any exercise. In other words, weight gain was a symptom of the arthritis rather than the cause.

So here I am two days later, and my comment has yet to be moderated and posted.  It seems to me that such an important topic as this would have some comments from others, even if they were contrary to mine, or were just fat bashing about how American citizens are paying extra health insurance premiums to cover those horrible fat people, who get to sit home all day eating MalloMars & watching “Who’s The Daddy?” on Maury.

But there was nothing.  No comments, and no response to me.

Again, I’m not a patient man, and I really dislike being ignored, hence this blog.  Truth be known, I don’t have a lot of data to back up any contention that obesity DOESN’T contribute to arthritis, but I’ve had a similar discussion with someone who insisted that it did, and when we googled his citations, it turned out that he was referring to Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune disease, and I was able to show him contemporary research showing that many other things were considered greater contributers to it than obesity was.
(here’s the article I was talking about – http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2012/06/25/155575630/obesity-stokes-rheumatoid-arthritis-with-more-than-just-extra-weight)

So, what do I do with the author of this piece, who not only loaded her article with lots of theory and innuendo, but won’t allow for discourse on the page?

I challenge her to respond to me.

I’m throwing down the gauntlet, just as I did with known obesity hater MeMe Roth, who has yet to take me up on my offer to debate.  While I’m sure that the author, Ms. Carol Dike is a nice person, it’s not nice to write something in this great country of ours, and then not allow anyone to respond to it.  I found Ms. Dike on Facebook, and I will be sending her a copy of my blog, which has no innuendo or misinformation in it. If any of you would like to contact Ms. Dike, you’re also welcome to do so, in fact I encourage it.  Far too many of us don’t challenge people who put information over the internet and get others to believe it.  Here’s the link to her Facebook page.


I’m also including a link to the Total Wellness Choices Facebook page if you’d like to add your comments there, but don’t expect them to remain up for long, since it appears that censorship is part of their policy.


She is MORE than welcome to answer the question that I originally asked with regard to her story, or any of the other questions that I asked in this blog.  I have none of the answers……I just wonder where here information came from, though I have a pretty good idea.

My+Dogs+Ass+Is+Jesus.+Dog+backwards+is+God+but_a0c0e1_3651209(and yes, I can see jesus in the dog’s ass as well)


11/5/13 – My comment on the Total Wellness Choices webpage has finally been approved, along with a comment from Ms. Dike, saying that I have a good point.  Great, thank you.

Now please address the rest of the misinformation that’s contained in that article, and we can be best buddies again.


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