“Fat Shaming Week” – Good News/Bad News

So, for the most part, the week of fat shaming sponsored by a group of ass clowns with an internet connection, is over.  I thought I’d take a moment to highlight the good and bad points of the week, and in my opinion, it isn’t all good.

Bad News #1.  On Monday October 7th, the website, Return of Kings, officially announced their campaign, which basically stated that they’d devote their entire week’s worth of content on their site to shaming fat women.  I won’t get into the mission statement of the knuckle draggers that run/contribute to this website, and their supporting social media pages, but I will give you the most important point in their announcement:  “Hurting people’s feelings is the quickest way to get them to change”.


Good News #1.  No one really picked up on their “major” announcement until almost mid week, when the website BuzzFeed posted a story about it on Wednesday.  Even better news, the story was shared on social media pages by no more than 1,000 people.  However, the story obviously ruffled feathers within the size acceptance community, as well as with several feminist groups.

Good News/Bad News #2.  Size acceptance bloggers began to pick up on the story, giving even more publicity to  the website and their hateful concepts.  That IS bad news in some ways, as their website traffic is already up and didn’t really need help from anyone to bring more readers to their fat hateful, misogynistic concepts.  Granted some may only be there to garner info to counter them in their own size acceptance blogs or Facebook groups, but there will always be some who will read this, and a different light bulb goes off than the one that many of us had, which is shock and disgust.  It can’t be denied that this website has gained a lot of momentum this past year, as the webmaster and his network of cronies have worked diligently to call attention to their cause.

graph(traffic ranking chart courtesy of Alexa.com)

As you can see, 2013 has been very good to this site, as they’ve moved up in the traffic rankings this year, and have fat women to thank for it.

Good News #3.  People that I consider leaders in the size acceptance movement spoke up.  Some, like Ragen Chastain, took a more subtle approach, not addressing the issue directly, but being even more size positive this week, though her blog Peaceful Angry Happy talks around the topic (though it may not have been her intent.  Read it and decide for yourself).  Others, like Amber Sarah, covered it with a very heartfelt and poignant blog at her Adipose Activist page.  Then, others like Marilyn Wann, took to Twitter to counter these fools head on.  Some examples:

It’s a joy to be reminded why fat activism & a weight-neutral approach to health are so beneficial for people of all sizes!

When I want to convince lawmakers that weight bigotry is real and pervasive, I’ll just point to . Thanks tons!

$60.9B on wt-loss products last year, $65B this year. No lasting weight loss. Not buying weight hate=enough $ to end hunger.

Regardless, they were challenged by the best in size acceptance, and while the boyz at ReturnOfKings won’t admit it, by the end of the week they lost some of their steam.  One of my favorite writers, David Futrelle recapped it best in his blog written today called “Oops!  Roosh V’s Fat Shaming Week Rallies Fat Acceptance Activists, Makes Fat Shamers Look Like The Dicks They Are”
In his blog, Futrelle actually countered that the dedicated week brought about more awareness of size acceptance, and did just the opposite of what these ass clowns were trying to accomplish.

While I wanted to take this blog out on an up note, I can’t.

Earlier in the week, I attempted to put together a group of people with a plan to silence this website and their social media pages.  With only a few exceptions (mostly offers of assistance from good friends, you know who you are), my request for help was received like a fart in church.  I’m fully aware that there are personal reasons for this (some don’t like my outspoken/confrontational attitude at times, others don’t fully trust me because they think I’m the wrong gender, or question my motives), the main reason for the lack of help is because most are unable/unwilling to do so, or would rather complain privately to sympathizers, where it’s “safe”.

From another forum that I’ve been active in recently….

“Are we so apathetic as fat people (and/or supporters) about the crap we have to wade through that we can’t stir up enough support to say “boo” to groups like ROK? Do we just live to complain and nothing else or do we (consciously or not) dislike ourselves as fat people so it seems disingenuous to support any kind of fat activism? I have no answers, just questions”

Honestly, I expected an outpouring of support from the size acceptance community much greater than what took place, not just to my request, but that EVERY single fat person of every gender, and every man and woman who supports size acceptance and is against body shaming and bullying in every way should have been motivated to counter the anti fat crusade this week.

And most of you failed miserably, in my opinion.

Many of you showed me something this week that I’d not seen in you before:  apathy/fear/indifference.  After so many of you complained about “Fat Shaming Week” in so many forums & Facebook groups, few of you took to action.  Here’s my take, it’s like living in a democracy, and complaining about politics post election when you didn’t vote.  To me, you lose your right to complain.  Please don’t express your indignation and/or discuss if you aren’t prepared to do something about it.

In my high school days I worked in North Jersey for a company called Garden State Farms, one of the precursors of 7 Eleven.  As employees, we had to park in the back of the building, so customers had room to park.  Our cars were constantly being broken into, and we had lots of things stolen.  My coworkers were quite upset at the losses, and after a private meeting with the 8 employees (myself included) it was agreed that we’d approach management together to request/demand better and safer parking spaces or to reimburse us for our losses.  We all met with the store & regional manager, and I was elected spokesman for the group.  I spoke, and suddenly 9 grown men got a case of laryngitis.  I was fired, since management felt that I was the only malcontent.  It was a lesson for me that has remained an important part of my life.

For all of you who got a case of laryngitis this week, while I can take you to the edge of the river, I sure as hell ain’t gonna carry you across.  You have to help in some way, or you can expect to drown.

There are 3 types  of people in this world1.  People who MAKE things happen
2.  People who WATCH things happen
3,  People who don’t know WHAT THE HELL is happening

Congratulations to most of you for not being person #3.  Now do some work and stop watching things happen.



4 thoughts on ““Fat Shaming Week” – Good News/Bad News

  1. I wouldn’t say that folks lose their right to complain. Judgment hurts. We don’t know what makes people choose the path they’re on. Some aren’t willing to fight because they’ve already had to fight so hard just to get where they are and they’re just not ready for more. Some have no real idea how bad it is. Some just can’t face certain things. Some perhaps didn’t see the call to action. Some, yes, are just willing to complain without putting effort into fixing it. But I don’t think that’s necessarily everyone. Just something to think about.

    But you know I got your back. *hugs*

  2. Every time I even began to attempt to address this I fell down the rabbit hole of believing all the bullshit. I know that’s not good enough and I guess that just makes me another stupid famewhoring bitch.

    1. No, far from it. I makes you one of the people that they target.
      A call to arms doesn’t mean EVERYONE, it means everyone who can. I’ve read enough in the blogs and forums to know who can, who can’t, and who can and make excuses not to.
      Some of the people in the mutual groups we share disappointed me. So did others in the community. That doesn’t incriminate all, just some.
      You do what you can.

  3. Sometimes it seems like the enemy is going so far off the deep end – because their very agenda of reducing the number of fat people through shame is beyond an epic failure and treading on an epochal failure – that they start spewing missives where they claim fat women are pits of venereal disease and then proceed to advertise how supposedly to talk your way into intercourse with them. We’re supposed to treat fat people as nonexistent after getting ginned up into a psychopathic rage at their existence. Uh yeah, OK, part of me says, go right ahead and execute your threat to look like a basket case without even a consistent idea of what evil you intend.

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