Equality for LGBT, Unless Of Course, You’re Fat…

Say hello to Strong, Intelligent Women Choosing Equality and Freedom Instead of Religion.  This is a Facebook Group, and their “about” page says the following:

Our Movement welcomes both men and women who are dedicated to supporting all the strong, empowered, courageous, proud, self-respecting and intelligent women who have chosen equality and freedom instead of religion. Whether you are already that kind of person or long to be. We will expose the current and recorded history of deceit, sexism and extreme wrongdoings of most religions. We will show the differences between our beliefs of love, peace, equality and freedom as opposed to religious misogyny, oppression, repression, ownership, fear, guilt, shame, control, sexism, abuse, degradation, sexual abuse, exploitation, subjugation, dehumanization, immoralness, totalitarianism and violence toward women. We will begin a movement of mothers to protect our children from the religious indoctrination (brainwashing) cycle of our children and move all of humanity forward!

We are a new Feminist Movement about freedom and equality that is not scared to address the deniers of those rights. We don’t just oppose inequality, repression, and oppression; we fight the causes of it. We are not scared to name religion as this cause and we are not afraid to expose them for who they really are and what they really do, no matter how society and government tries to conceal the truth and protect them. Religions greatly influence and shape societies. The proof has been recorded by history and the fraudulent commands from fictional gods that dictate such inequality, repression, and oppression (and much more!) that still dwell on the pages of their bronze-age scriptures. It is historic, it is in writing and it is undeniable.

Very few, if any of the current women’s organizations have the courage to speak these truths, in fear of losing members. This is what sets us apart.

ALL people are EQUAL with unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ALL people deserve EQUAL civil and human rights. Equality is everyone’s issue. We are anti-sexist. We are about ending sexism and stereotypes of ALL people.

*By “religion” we mean the organized abrahamic religions (christianity, islam and judaism) and hinduism.

In theory, this sounds like a great group, against repression, pro feminist, and treats everyone with equality.

Unless you’re fat.

This morning, someone linked me to a photo on their page that I found offensive.  Take a look.


It’s an old pic, back from the gay backlash against Chick-fil-A and their anti gay stance.  I’ve seen it before, and found it offensive then.  Despite being offended, I supported the gay community in their efforts to boycott Dan Cathay’s restaurant’s.  As I did so, I pointed out to the gay community that the picture was offensive to many, myself included.

I suppose the person who runs the Facebook page didn’t get the memo, since not only did she post the pic, but then began to “defend” the posting, despite requests from both the fat community and the LGBT community to remove the pic.  I weighed in on the matter, along with some friends of mine who pointed out that marginalizing another group to help your own cause is not the best way to go.  I explained that everyone who had responded “SAW” that this was offensive, even Stevie Wonder (a blind man) could see it was offensive.
Her response to me (since deleted)?

You’re offending blind people…

Really?  Confronted with messages from well over 100 people, many of who were supporters of the page prior to the publishing of the photo.  Again, a response from the page administrator:

Many people say that obesity is genetic. Eating fried chicken daily, can make you obese. These are 100% truthful but secondary points of the meme. The main point is hypocrisy. Millions of people who subscribe to those points, deny the empirical evidence of genetically gay people. A large portion of these people are Christians who actively promote and eat at that restaurant, because it donates to official LGBT hate organizations. Is the issue that the person in the pic, has a weight issue? Should such people’s pics, be banned from the media and public display? Isn’t that a prejudice? This meme has very little to do with weight and isn’t the point. I have had many complaints from overweight people for not posting enough pics of overweight people. No matter what we post, someone is ready to be offended and complain. We received racism complaints for a pic yesterday, simply because black people were in it. People can try their best to twist or invent bogus intentions of our postings but it will not change the obvious real messages. People may not like some pics but none of them will be removed unless they can be proven false. We will never censor facts for feelings.”

So, what about YOUR hypocrisy?  You don’t think obesity can be genetic, the way gay men & women are predisposed to be?  Who are you attacking here?  Christians?  Fat people?  Fat Christians?  Here’s a news flash for ya, genius………there are many LGBT folks that ARE Christian, with their only issue being how the various Christian Churches approach THEM.  So, if your real message is that you have an issue with Chik-fil-A, wouldn’t it have been more on point (and far less offensive) to simply point out THEIR racism for what it is?

FACT – You didn’t care about the fat people offended by the pic.  In your estimation, they’re just collateral damage, right?  Your other issue is more important.  Another clue for you.  LOTS of LGBT people are fat, or didn’t you notice?  If not, I’d be happy to introduce you to some of my friends.

FACT – The page administrator has now banned me (and many others) from posting on the page, and has deleted many of the comments indicating that the pic was offensive.  I felt like I was part of a religious cleansing.  I’ve run pages, groups, and forums and have NEVER deleted a comment, even when it attacked me personally.  While I realize that it’s the administrator’s page, I would think it’s kinda tough to promote your page when you’re banning detractors rather than facing their questions and issues head on.

By the way, your FACT about “Eating fried chicken daily, can make you obese” is off as well.  I (and I’m pretty sure some of my readers do as well) know many people who eat fried chicken daily, and aren’t obese.

For the page administrator, I’m going to quote something from part of your page by George Clooney:

At some point in time, gay marriage won’t be an issue, and everyone who stood against this civil right will look as outdated as George Wallace standing on the school steps keeping James Hood from entering the University of Alabama because he was black.

Substitute the word obesity for “gay marriage”.  I’m afraid the person running the page is a walking, talking anachronism that is out of step with their own supporters, which is a shame because it’s a just cause.

I urge my readers to use the link above to go to the page, and let the page administrator know your feelings.  I’m a supporter of LGBT rights, I just don’t want them to be at the expense of someone else.  Comprende?



The administrator of the Facebook page has now added a photo that seemingly has nothing to do with LGBT, and posted the following meme on the page:


The “supporters” are now turning on the admin for giving in to the many people who called them out for their own  hypocrisy by posting the first meme.  I almost feel bad for them, as they’re  backpedaling, and losing their constituency at the same time.  They’ve  made a point of saying that this pic is by no means an apology.  However, IF you in fact support people of all shapes & sizes, an oppose prejudice, racism, bigotry, shaming, stereotyping marginalization and hypocrisy, you would allow the 150 plus people you banned from your page to return, make an announcement that you’ve done so, and take the pic that started all of this down.  Only then will you be able to make the claims stated in your meme….Oh, by the way, those 150+ are FAR MORE PASSIONATE about causes than the sheep presently on your page.  You may want to think about that for the future.

*Update 8/22/13*

Interestingly enough, the administrator of the page has posted a link to my blog, sort of like a badge of honor that I’m somehow promoting them.  I guess those who subscribe to the “even bad press is still good press” theory of promotion will ignore the fact that they come off insane by doing so.  INTERESTINGLY enough, despite the fact that there are nearly 40,000 page likes for the Facebook page, not one person has hit my blog page from that link, leading me to believe that most of the people who like that page like it in theory, not in practice, since they likely don’t read all the posts there, which still gives me hope.  It also indicates to me that I probably have more true readers than they do,

I would invite the administrator of the page to a debate on this topic alone.  The funny thing is, it seems like I agree with many of the other things put on that page, but somehow they’re so off the mark with regard to this particular issue that I have to question the sincerity of every other post that’s made there.

How about it, admin?  I’m not gay or fat, bu I know when something if grossly wrong.  Come over here and debate my points, if you truly believe in what you’re saying, or you can ride my crest influence, as my readers are hitting your Facebook page, knowing that you’re a walking contradiction.

Also, one of the pages supporters posted the following comment on the page concerning this photo, and the refusal to remove it:

“You have received feedback from many folks requesting removal of the meme, illustrating how it is interpreted and making people feel, how it is negatively affecting your stance and group as a whole. And the response you choose is to NOT take this as a growing/learning opportunity, a chance to evolve in your activism and viewpoints, and unite with other groups of oppressed individuals for support. You instead choose to defend yourself for displaying of the same indefensible, hurtful behavior you accuse republicans, conservatives, christians, and other homophobes of. Please take responsibility and accept what so many smart, strong, sensible co-activists have tried to teach you about this meme being an offensive mistake and preserve what is left of the integrity of your page by removing it and being the bigger person and issuing an apology.”

Somehow, I just don’t think that will ever happen, given the closed mindedness of the page administrator, and their obviously HUGE ego.


12 thoughts on “Equality for LGBT, Unless Of Course, You’re Fat…

  1. Here is the reply I left on their page…
    ” Why is the admin of this page taking such a hard-line approach about this particular pic, in spite of the fact that so many people have agreed that the pic is offensive? All of this strife is, essentially, taking away from the main point this page is trying to make. Is it even worth it, when hitting the *delete* button would literally take less than a second out of your day, while simultaneously allowing your followers to get back to the REAL issues at hand here? Surely there are more socially sensitive ways one can get this point across. Really, at this point, I have no other choice than to assume that the admin of this page is 11 years old. Nothing else makes sense.”

    1. The last post I made before being banned was to ask the admin how she would have felt if the words “gay” and “obese” were reversed in that meme, and posted on one of my pages……of course she never answered, because in her world, nothing else matters.
      Thank you for your comment.

      1. hey i was banned too whooo hoooooooo!!!!! I guess it’s ok to be strong and intelligent as long as you accept their party line.

        Seriously – posting is one thing, a freind of mine posted it. When i told her why i found it offensive an hurtful she understood how people could feel that way and it wouldn’t help the cause by hurting others. so she took it down. however these people, after being confronted by myriads of reasonable explanations as to why this was offensive actually defend it.
        they believe socital claims and stigmas – so i guess they only want to eradicate the stigmas they believe it… hmmmm sounds like a religion to me. Oh that’s what they were against in the first place… can you say epic fail?

      2. p.s. my comments were deleted too.. how’s that for not sensoring facts or feelings. LOLOLOL these people coul give right wing conservatives lessons on how to tow their party line!

  2. I’d like, if I may, to post here the comment the admin deleted. I’ve never been called a troll before. (Considering I didn’t actually call anyone names or tell anyone they “should just kill themselves”, I guess I’m just about the world’s worst troll 8)

    “This poster makes several bigoted assumptions:

    –Fat people eat fried chicken every day (that’s not a lie or a distortion of the OP, she said it herself in a comment above)
    –Fat people are fat BECAUSE they eat fried chicken every day
    –Chick-fil-A (of which I am no friend) claims that “obesity is genetic” (I hadn’t heard CfA or their PR mouthpiece Mike Huckabee say any such thing)
    –Anyone with a half-arsed point to make has the right to take/ use a headless picture of a fellow human being trying to sit in the only size chair available, and slap a “clever” (not) “observation” on it.
    I am fat. I am also bisexual. I also think you should remove this piece of crap from your page. It doesn’t speak for me or any other fat queer person.”

    Thanks for the post. Wish I could have screen-captured.

  3. I’m fat and not offended by the picture. According to BMI charts I’m obese…. this isn’t a judgement it’s a point of fact. And because I am obese I am at significantly higher risk for a number of chronic health issues. As a fat person who eats a healthful diet (about 90% of the time) I don’t have a problem with pointing out the hypocrisy that is often seen amongst Christians (especially obese christians….who’ve been led to believe their excess poundage is due to genetics and not the copious number of calories being ingested). That they can accept a LINK between genetics and metabolism/% of body fat/weight….but who will out and out deny a link between genetics and sexuality because to accept a link between genetics and sexuality means they are turning up their noses at what they believe to be “gods untarnished immutable word”(when it suits them, of course).

    Pointing out weight/size is easy….because we can see it. Which is why showing a person with a mental illness or someone dealing with an addiction wouldn’t work (crazy/addicted folk look just like everyone else…but there is a genetic component to mental illness as well as susceptibility to addiction)We immediately place people into categories (whether good, bad, right or wrong) based on what we see….and if we are decent people we don’t merely allow the ‘cover’ of the book to be the sole point of reference for classifying someone.

    Is the picture insensitive to some fat people….sure, to many it points out that they are “other” and therefore unacceptable, but the truth is NO ONE can make you feel less about who you are unless you give them permission. And I know this because I’m a fat woman who has never made excuses for myself or my body. Never allowed a man to treat me poorly because I’m fat…. never sat out dance clubs because I might be judged, never avoided a pool because some asshole or group of assholes may point, laugh, joke or stare. In an effort to be uber PC, we have forgotten that that sort of weight shown in the picture….is unhealthy. Period. Sure, weight is somewhat determined by genetics, but not THAT kind of morbid obesity. You can’t tie a pretty bow on it and say….that’s what we should aspire to.

    However, if you’re fat and proud…like the way you look and feel, then own it. Just….don’t be surprised when some look and see a walking-talking medical nightmare. And that is my two cents on the picture. Insensitive or not….the point of the meme is accurate.

    1. Angela, I am not going to get into specifics about this person’s health, because I don’t know by looking at them if they are healthy or not. I don’t know their blood pressure, lipid profile, blood sugars or any of the other key indicators of health. Neither is it any of my business what their health status is. Even if he or she was dealing with some kind of chronic illness, one that could be directly linked to his or her obesity (meaning an illness that skinny people don’t get… is there one even? I work at a hospital. I see ill skinny people all day) so the fuck what? What gives anyone the right to use their picture without their permission to make some point…. because they are fat and may or may not be unhealthy… that somehow takes away their right to be respected and regarded kindly and compassionately.

      Additionally, even if one was to believe the “point of the meme was accurate” which I don’t. when I showed my husband he thought it was making fun of gay people…. are you saying there is no other way that point could have been made… that it is make this point at the expense of this person, or the point will be tragically unmade… I can think of a hundred ways off the top of my head that one can protest chick-fil-a and make a point about their policies that will not compromise anyone else’s integrity. Much less an innocent stranger…

  4. Angela, no one is denying anyone’s right to not be offended by the meme. You’re not the only person to say that, and I respect that, despite not understanding the reasoning behind it.

    You said you eat a healthy diet, yet you’re still obese by BMI charts (which are not accurate indicators of health by any means). You say that because of your weight at significantly higher risk for a number of chronic health issues. Which ones? Quite honestly unless I’m missing something here, obese people are not at a higher health risk for any medical issue than anyone else. Do you question the people who tell you these things? Do you read up on obesity and health? Have you read my blogs, or looked at my resource pages?

    If you did, you’d know that I’ve provided countless links to contemporary research that bust the myths about obesity and health.

    So, when a page like the one this blog is about purports to support “equality” for all, and treats fat people as less than people, I find a need to speak up. LOUDLY.

    Right from the “about” page on Facebook:
    “ALL people deserve EQUAL civil and human rights. Equality is everyone’s issue. We are anti-sexist. We are about ending sexism and stereotypes of ALL people.”

    Just because YOU aren’t offended does not mean that the person who runs this page doesn’t engage in stereotyping. The pic itself is a stereotype about fat people that many people I know rally against because they don’t live that kind of life (eating lots of fried chicken daily, like the page administrator accused fat people of), so when they see things like this they (AND I, and I’m not fat) get offended.

    And the difference between me and the page administrator is that I will allow differing opinions on my page and engage the people who differ with me in dialogue, whereas the person running the Facebook page wants to shape their agenda by deleting posts and people whose opinions differ from theirs. And for me, that alone causes them to lose credibility.

    1. Angela, just because you’re not offended by it or you feel that you’re unhealthy or fat is unhealthy, that’s fine, but I don’t really think you have the final say in whether each fat person is unhealthy or not (I think it comes down to the individual) or whether we should be offended by this page, (I am). These are your opinions. And when people start stuffing their opinions down other people’s throats it’s when people get angry. Personally, even my doctor isn’t a dick about my weight and I’m over 400 pounds, but he just doesn’t want me to gain anymore (and neither do I!) and he wants me to work toward being healthy –but that doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight, it means being active and eating healthier, drinking more water and less soda, which doesn’t always transfer to weight loss for everyone. And I don’t have to justify my weight or what I do to maintain, lose, or otherwise my weight to you or anyone.

  5. You’ve already read this on another part of the fatosphere, but since others have done it, I’ll post the comment/s which I made in the offending FB group – which was promptly removed and got me banned.

    I am proud to be one of the 150+ people who stood up and said something about this, My original post was as follows:

    The Chick-Fil-A logo was photoshopped on to denigrate the food chain. This photo should be removed as it does nothing but create divisions and hostility and stigmatize people of size. Did the headless woman in the pic give her express permission for her body to be used in this way?
    FWIW – a gay or lesbian sizeist is still a sizeist.

    I reported the image on Facebook for “hate speech” which was really the only option that came close to the limited options that FB offers. The report was reviewed and denied. So I posted the following in the FB review feedback (I doubt whether anyone important at FB ever reads these):

    I am disappointed that Facebook does not recognize size discrimination (as depicted in the image reported). A photo of a “headless” fat woman is being used to promote an agenda without that person’s consent. It is an example of a demeaning and discriminatory act towards people who are of size. What is worse is that the owner of the particular group where the image is posted (and who also posted the image), is deleting all comments of protest, and has so far banned over 100 people who are voicing their concern.

    I would have hoped a company as revolutionary, cutting-edge and ground-breaking as Facebook would recognize that images such as the one reported do not belong on its pages – especially on a page that attempts to promote acceptance of another minority (LGBT).

  6. So, now that the page administrator of “Strong, Intelligent Women” banned well over 150 people who disagreed with the posting of the photo, she accused two of the leaders of the Fat Acceptance movement of urging the trolling of her page with comments.

    So now that all of the “trolls” are gone, perhaps this person can explain why people who are active on that page are now criticizing the use of the pic noted above. The following from the page:

    “One never convinces another by trying to silence them”

    “how is one issue more significant than the other… both cause emotional trauma to the people that deal with the stigmas. i think this pic is in bad taste.”

    “Was a bad decision to use that pic”

    ” I blocked over 130 trolls and none of them were members. Dozens claimed to be. They were strategically bused over from multiple “Fat Activist” pages. They were told to troll.”
    Uhh….and how many times have you told US to go troll someone who made a comment here that you didn’t like? Why is it okay for us to troll someone, but it isn’t okay for us to be trolled in turn?

    “.but indiscriminately banning everyone who finds the picture and/or your comments offensive can also drive away real members.”

    I wonder if the CLEANSE of this page will continue now with the current supporters of the page now criticizing the actions of the page administrator.

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