Taking Your $$ In The Name of Size Acceptance

Size acceptance, or fat acceptance seem to be the buzz words in the fat community these days. Those of you who read my blogs know that I am one of many writers/bloggers who are actually involved in size acceptance. It’s a growing (in numbers) faction, and one look at my links page will show you minds far more entrenched in size acceptance and fat rights than I could ever hope to.

My blogs, while working towards size acceptance, will often go off on a tangent to discuss some of the insanity in the fat community, in an effort to try to keep things in perspective. THAT is what this blog is about, so if calling someone(s) out on their deceit is not your cup of tea, then stop here.

Let me introduce you to the owners of a “SIZE ACCEPTANCE” group called BABS. Started in 1993, BABS is one of the longer running groups in the fat community, almost on their 20th year of existence. When one reads the welcome page on their website, they are greeted with the following message from them:

Babs is a plus size community designed to help you find new friends, meet eligible singles and build relationships. Babs was founded out of my love for the full-figured woman. I am a true fat admirer who saw a need in the community for events that cater to big women and their admirers. Many times my wife would be the only big woman in the club when we went out.
I used to wonder where the other big girls were.
There was no need for them to stay home when an entire world was waiting for their arrival. I talked to my wife about throwing a dance party that would cater to big women and men who love them and she said, “Find the place and let’s do it!” I got laughed out of many Night Clubs, Bars and Restaurants trying to find a home for Babs. I can be a pretty determined person when I want something and I wanted to establish a club for big women and admirers.
Finally September 13,1993 it was on!
BABS has come a long way since the first dance!
…..Our mission is to level the size playing field by helping to eliminate size discrimination in employment, public accommodations, social acceptance and other quality-of-life avenues. We also create a great online and offline experience. Dance parties, seminars, bowling parties, bus rides and weekend getaways are all built around an atmosphere of acceptance. Babs is an ideal destination for great theme parties where you can meet others in an atmosphere of acceptance
We create a great online and offline experience.
Babs is an ideal destination for great theme parties where you can meet others in an atmosphere of acceptance. Whether you live next door or around the globe we have something for you.
Take a Cruise with us or fly away to a delectable Island. We have it all covered so join the Club House and make some friends or visit the personals and make a love match. Jump Big Booty deep into Babs and find a world of adventure with beautiful big women and their admirers!
See you at the next event!

I had the opportunity to meet one of the owners early on at one of our Jersey events that I hosted with my former partner. He came to ask if we wouldn’t mind him setting down some flyers for his next event at ours, and we were happy to oblige. In retrospect, I wish we hadn’t. I also knew his wife through previous business dealings with my ex.  His wife is better known by a different name, as she runs a BBW porn site.  My then wife had explored the possibility of modeling, and  had “contracted” with her to set up a website. After considerable thought, she decided against modeling, and I was blessed with the responsibility of getting her out of this non binding contract, which I did. While there was a bit of not so nice discussion about 2 videos she’d done where there were no model releases signed, I was able to ensure that the contract was voided.

Let’s fast forward a bit. The porn website she runs is a moneymaker, by all accounts. It’s a multi model site, and features various women who appear periodically for model “scale” (See my blog about how these models are taken advantage of ) She’s the star of the show, and guys plunk down their hard earned cash to take care of that hard……………….ummmmmmm, stress. Yeah, that’s it. The site has been up for years, though the domain has remained in one spot since 1999. 13 years, yup. There is still good money in fat girl porn, in case you didn’t know.

So, what to do with all of that money? Let’s make a push to make BABS one of the biggest groups for fatties in America!!! Okay, so how does that get done? Let’s attach ourselves to the “SIZE ACCEPTANCE” movement! Sounds good!! Where do we march? Who do we write? What other size acceptance projects do we support, either financially, or by co-promotion?


No, what we do is just use the name, the cause. Don’t worry, people will believe it, and flock to our events. It will cause us to grow, and hold more events in other major cities all over the country, which means even more money! All we have to do is call what we do size acceptance. All of our events are about just that!

Again, from their website:

I remember a party in Philly when the hotel called the patty wagon on us and closed the party down. We went back to Philly 6 more summers! Then we hit up Baltimore 2x, Virginia Beach 2x, Atlanta 2x, Florida, Washington and most of you probably don’t remember, but we had a Phoenix Arizona chapter that lasted 5 years run by my friend Tori. Did you know Babs started “Blaze” the first ever BBW strip club in the country? We also did numerous parties in New York City until I got tired of coming home 7a.m. in the morning! Yes that is honestly the reason we stopped. I have probably forgotten a few places or things, but I never forget when someone hugs me or smiles at the end of an event or calls me to say their life has changed because of Babs.

20 years? There are tears of gratitude in my eyes because without your support all these years we would not have been able to stay on top as the #1 BBW organization anywhere.

This is where the screen fades to black and the credits roll because each and every one of you have a place in the epic saga of Babs Big & Beautiful, “Says it All!”

Farewell family it’s been a wonderful ride, but this years Summer Jam is the last stop.

So it appears that the final event (which will take place less than 15 minutes from where I live) will be the final event thrown by this group dedicated to size acceptance.  I won’t be going, though.


Checking the itinerary, I didn’t see a damn size acceptance activity in the weekend.  Don’t get me wrong, as someone who ran plus sized events, I want to have as much fun as anyone else.  I believe that most people who attended those past events would support that.  My point (and I’ve made it in other blogs in the past) is that you shouldn’t present yourself as a size acceptance event or group if your event or group has nothing to do with size acceptance.  Unfortunately, even with the closing of this group & their final event, there will be another person or group more than ready to pick up the reins and exploit fat people for profit, which is sad because as long as exploitative events are attached to the size acceptance movement, it will be difficult for people not familiar with it to separate the two.

Have a fun time, until the paddy wagon shows up at this one.


4 thoughts on “Taking Your $$ In The Name of Size Acceptance

  1. I’ve seen a few groups like this one, and what struck me most about them is the “meat market” aspect, just like when I was thinner and went to bars. I was an “acceptable” size back then and had men hitting on me all the time (that got old real quick). These parties are exactly the same thing – only they’re now “meat markets” for fat women and the men who supposedly like them. While I’ll admit there are plenty of men who genuinely admire, like, and are attracted to fat women, there are also plenty of men who would attend an event like this looking to “score” or “hook-up” for the night because they think fat women are just so desperate to get laid that they’ll overlook the fact that they’ll never see the dude again. Nothing size acceptance-related in that at all (and the organizers know it).

  2. If some that is gay, owns a club that caters to the gay (acceptance) community and his or her events are about a party taking place during (Gay) Pride weekend, are they wrong? Because they are a business and active member of their community is it wrong to make a profit in your eyes?

    1. I wouldn’t deny anyone making a profit as a result of their efforts. I do however, have an issue with people exploiting other people for profit,which I believe some BBW/FA event promoters do.

  3. Unfortunately, it’s all about what the people want. Full Figured Fashion Week, which was recently held in NYC, had scheduled a Curvy Wellness Panel to discuss Health at Every Size among the fashion shows, cruises and shopping events. Guess what? Very few were interested in an event that could have actually been educational and it was cancelled. If folks want a meat market, they’re going to get a meat market. I agree with you though… call it what it is.

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