Celebrity Weight Loss & Lying To The World (& Yourself)

Earlier this week, it was New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who announced that earlier this year (February 2013) he had a “not so secret” gastric band procedure in an effort to lose weight.  The governor, who once called himself “the healthiest fat guy you’ve ever seen”, apparently didn’t think so deep down in his soul, and succumbed to the lap band procedure, which often results in little or no weight loss.  He announced earlier this week that he’s lost 4o pounds to date, the Governor claims  it’s not about politics… It’s about turning 50 and wanting to be around as his children grow up.

Hey guv……you’re already at an age that most medical professionals claimed you wouldn’t reach at the age you’re at (50).  That must have EVERYTHING to do with the fact that you were the healthiest fat guy, right???  *insert eye roll here*

Of course, it had nothing to do with Christie being the butt of fat jokes, or with critics using his weight to question his ability to run the US, should he decide to make a run at the presidency, did it?


I mean, after all….the man who was the cornerstone of fat acceptance wouldn’t have to stoop to losing weight, would he?

Today, we hear about comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who has proclaimed to the world that she has lost a total of 106 lbs, again the result of gastric band surgery, which took place in April of 2012.  Here’s you’re before and after:

Ms. Lampanelli now weighs 142 lbs. and says she is at the weight she feels like she is supposed to be at now.  Really?  I need to ask a question here……..If that was the weight you were supposed to be at, why did you have to resort to drastic measures to get there?

Of course I’m sure she’d say that she ate like a horse and didn’t exercise enough, and that caused the weight gain, probably much like Governor Christie.  That’s the stock answer, but the question remains that a lot of people eat to excess and don’t exercise, yet remain thin, so why are you different?

Even she doesn’t have an answer for that.  What she DOES have an answer for is what she feels are the benefits of the new (and I’ll bet temporary) weight loss.  “One of the best parts of losing weight has been the clothing! I roll up to Macy’s and go to the sales rack and see how much I can get for a little amount of money! It’s almost like a game for me!”

So what we have here are two people in the public eye telling people who are overweight that they are unhealthy (even though they may not be), and that they won’t look “good” until they lose that excess weight.  TWO people……..who formerly defended themselves at the weights they were at.  Great example to set for young kids who are already experiencing body image issues thanks to “well intentioned” family & friends who think that body shaming will get these people to lose weight, when in fact it isn’t just a caloric intake vs. calories burned issue.  Why not, as people in the public eye, continue to fly in the face of the haters and show the world that people can be larger than “average” yet still be quite healthy and happy with themselves.

So my question to Governor Christie is – deep down, did you feel that you really needed to lose weight so you’d better “fit” the look of a guy running for president?  Because, just like you defended yourself at that weight, you must have thought deep down that you weren’t healthy or you would not have had the procedure.

My question to those who are defending Christie’s decision (and yes I know it’s his body to do with as he wishes, and I agree…..) as it pertains to his presidential run.  If you vote for him in the next election, and after he’s elected president, if he regains the weight that he’s lost (and there’s a strong chance he will), would you want to see him impeached due to weight gain?

And for Ms. Lampanelli, now that you’ve become a “skinny bitch” (her words), do you really think there’s a simple cure for your other addiciton issues like you felt about this one?  More important, when it fails (again, look at stats on WLS patients 5 years out) will you then look for another simple solution, and then attempt to force it on the rest of the world, claiming that this is still the weight you were meant to be?

While I wish you both good health, I also wish you common sense, which I believe you’re both lacking at this point.


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