Some Differences – Part 2

In yet another set of examples where weight can be used to one’s benefit or detriment………..

Let me introduce you (if you don’t already know her) to Jennifer Marchant, aka Scarlette Rouge, a BBW adult entertainment “star”.


Perhaps you don’t recognize her from her mugshot.  Here’s the way many of you likely know her:


On Feb. 11 AVN Business reports that she has been charged with murder after killing her boyfriend with a kitchen knife on Feb. 6.  Police in Tonawanda, NY reported that they responded to a domestic violence call at Marchant’s apartment when they found Marchant’s boyfriend, Ralph Stone, dead with a single knife wound to the neck.

When the police arrived, Marchant was in the apartment, was immediately arrested and charged (and was held without bail).  Stone’s mother in an interview, said that Marchant seemed like a nice girl and even visited her home on Christmas. She says that the two fought like every couple but they seemingly got along well.  The murder trial has yet to take place.

On to happier things……………..

THIS is Dilia.  I came across Dilia on one of my favorite Facebook Pages, This Is My Body Project:


I don’t know her last name, simply because she didn’t submit it along with her pic to the Facebook page, but I was intrigued with her story.  Here ya go:

“Hi. My name is Dilia and this is my body. It has been through many tortures in the 25 years of life it’s had. It has been abused, by myself and others. It’s been purposely cut, scraped, beaten, battered, stretched, altered and misshaped. It has been neglected and has had many battles with the way it has been perceived by the world and myself. Regardless to that, I was and am my own worst critic. There were days where I’ve been so frustrated and angry at having the body I have, because often times, I focused on what others had to say about it. The negativity, the judgements and obliviousness of others not realizing how cruel they could be with their words. But at the end of the day, I was always the one to blame for my source of unhappiness with it. I never made my own efforts to change the things I could and I constantly brought myself down. my worst mistake though, was me believing the things that were said to me. I fed into the opinions of others. and I sunk… deep. And then… I woke up.
I woke up one day and started realizing that everyone’s opinion of the body I’M blessed with, is just that… their OPINIONS! I began to appreciate myself and encourage the person I constantly felt I had to defend to others. I stopped doing that. Feeling like I had to defend myself to anyone. I started caring more about what I thought of me and virtually obliterated the well I had created of allowing other people to tell me how to feel about myself.
I stopped fearing those who didn’t like me for me and decided that if they didn’t like me for any physical attributes of mine, then they weren’t, aren’t and will never be worthy of my time and truly getting to know me! And when i did that, i started to actually see the things I loved and still love about my body. I like the shape of my body and all it’s quirks. I learned to appreciate my stretch marks because they’ve taught me that though I’m not where I want to be, I have come a long way and that is humbling. I love my arms. These are arms that have held life in them, comforted, cooked and crafted. I love my thick legs, which have gotten me everywhere I’ve been and will get me everywhere I plan to go with pride, because I can stand tall all by myself. I love my face and my smile… A perfectly imperfect blend of my parents and a compliment to who I am. And the one thing I cherish about my body… Is that it is the vessel that holds my heart. The one thing that keeps me sane, whole and humbled no matter what I’ve been through. The one thing that overrides all forms of thought of myself and others. The one thing I hold so dear. Because as broken, mistreated, disappointed, hurt and confused as it’s been… It still has the capacity to love. My body, really is my temple. And I am proud of it and always will be.”

Sometimes, the biggest miracle is a simple shift in perception.  While I think it’s unfortunate that my first example (Ms. Marchant) could not accomplish that, the fact that someone who had far more obstacles than her was able to overcome and succeed gives me (and hopefully some of you) hope.



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