Queers & Fatties.


This was posted yesterday on a Facebook page called GAYLETTER.

I’ve noticed over the past year that gay people (predominantly men) have been doing a lot of fat bashing.  One noted celebrity, George Takei, has put up many anti fat memes on his Facebook page, and the person who runs the GAYLETTER page noted above slipped this meme in between all of the male eye candy on his page.

It’s really a backhanded swipe, as the meme is really meant as a slam of the “moral” bible thumpers, who engage in their own prejudices against same sex marriages.

I’m a supporter of gay rights.  Back in 1979, I marched in protest against the filming of the movie Cruising, which starred Al Pacino, and was directed by William Friedkin (The Exorcist).  Protests went on in the East Village of New York, in an effort to stop the production of the film, which most of my gay friends felt portrayed that community in a negative light.  Of course the film was completed, but the gay community showed a great amount of solidarity, particularly in emphasizing that the sado-masochistic part of it was really just a small segment, and not representative of the bulk of the community.  In other words, they reacted to what they felt was a slam on how they live their lives.

Enter size activists.

Gee, what a coincidence.  Size activists see this meme in a somewhat similar way.  In other words, they are reacting to what they felt was a slam on how they live their lives.  At issue here is several things:
1.  Fat people were being painted (as my friend Substantia Jones succinctly stated) with a broad brush here.
2.  Assumptions were made about the person in the photo, and there was no info on whether she had gained weight when the photo was taken, or had lost some as she walked along the path to health.
3.  There are many fat people in the LGBT community.  Why would you try to alienate supporters within your own ranks?
4.  It mocks rural poverty, and its lack of education, including an understanding/education regarding proper nutrition.
5.  It’s an insinuation that fat people all CHOOSE to be fat.
6.  It assumes that it’s okay to mock anyone they put a picture up of that doesn’t meet their “standard” of beauty.

Shall I go on with more of the wrongness of the meme itself?  I’m pretty sure that most of you get it.

So the size activists point all the wrongness out to the gays who are chiming in on the discussion, and were met with the following comments (random sampling):

1.  If you are offended you obviously have not been subscribed to it or “GET” them. Frack off.

2.  Not being “educated” about food? Cry me a river, I come from an island, and I know that when I eat fatty foods I become fat. There is no lack of education here, just lack of commitment.

3.  this is just a meme! SHUT UP and chill out. damn.

4.  Nothing tastes better than skinny.

5.  black is beautiful, but fat is not. it’s unhealthy and there is a medical solution.

And THIS gem, from the person who runs the page:

Being gay and being obese are completely different things and I find it offense for you to compare the two. One is not a choice, the other is a lifetime of unhealthy choices.

Dude, you’ve now engaged in the exact same thing that you are accusing the bible thumpers of doing to you!  And who said that all gay men are sensitive?  Those comments made above sure as hell aren’t!

Interestingly enough, the size/fat activists did their best while chiding them for the posting of this offensive pic, also attempted to counsel them and explain WHY it would be so offensive.  YET, at no time did any of them make any anti gay remarks.  Why is that you ask?  Well, my theory is that since fat people are so maligned on a daily basis, they take great care in making sure that their remarks won’t hurt others the way THEY get hurt.

Of course those of you who know me know that my only prejudice is against stupidity, which I believe existed in full force on this page.  And (of course), I had to verbally drub the idiots that posted those hateful comments:

I walked with the gay community in 1979 to protest the filming of the Al Pacino movie “Cruising”, as it projected the gay community in a bad light.
Those same men would kick the living shit out of you for your actions. It’s not just a meme, you fucking idiots, it’s the internet equivalent of a tv commercial with a social/political undertone.
If you can’t see the similarity between the struggle for gay rights & size acceptance, then you’re dumber than I thought.

And that’s the point here.  People who are committed to size acceptance don’t engage in the same kind of profiling/generalization & prejudice that took place on that page.  While size acceptance struggles for………acceptance, another previously maligned group of people whose predecessors worked tirelessly to achieve their own acceptance, now shit on other parts of our world.

Or maybe fat is just the new gay.

No one’s saying to engage in any return hate, so please don’t write me and accuse me of it.  If you’re committed to fat/size acceptance, please hold your ground and stand proud and educate, because while those who engage in this type of activity may not ever get it, others might be shaped by your words and actions, and that’s really what it’s all about, education and discussion.

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