Gaga for Chubbies?

Or is it Chubbies for Gaga?  Probably neither.


Lady Gaga is not only speaking out against the critics who have publically scrutinized her apparent weight gain, she is also taking action, and not surprisingly, it’s working. Earlier this week, Gaga launched the “Body Revolution 2013” campaign, a new section of her Born This Way Foundation, which encourages her little monsters to stand against discrimination and to accept the person they are.

Gaga kick-started the initiative on her Little Monsters site with four revealing photos of herself in just a bra and underwear, admitting her insecurities and that she suffered from bulimia and anorexia since she was 15.

“We’ve had literally thousands of submission to BODY REVOLUTION 2013 on ,” Gaga tweeted on Wednesday. “I’d like to give you applause, so happy.

So GaGa, who confessed that her weight gain was primarily due to her father’s cooking at his restaurant (and later to her use of marijuana), has set up a website where those who are coming to terms with not having an ideal body can get support from others by posting pictures of themselves for others in the same position can see.


Way back in 2010 (October, I believe), a group started which later crossed over to Facebook in 2011 called “This Is My Body Project”.  It’s essentially Lady Gaga’s group, just two years older.  From the ABOUT section of their Facebook page:

“This is My Body Project is an internet sensation urging people young and old, of any gender specification, to accept their bodies the way they are and hold confidence in themselves. We encourage others to do the same!”

Why I am I writing about who came first?  Simple, really.  When Gaga posted her Body Revolution 2013 program on her Little Monsters site, the woman who runs the “This Is My Body Project (I believe her name is Kailei) posted her body project picture as well as a long explanation of the project and what it means to me on Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters website… After only being posted a few hours it had received over 500 likes and enough attention to get the post onto the front page of Gaga’s website… Then administrators had her photo removed.  Lisa works tirelessly on this project, and the fact that I only know her first name indicates to me that her work is more important than her own personal noteriety.

Gee, I wonder why that happened?

I have a theory.  Let’s face it, Ms. Gaga has participated in some pretty extreme media stunts, starting with her meat dress at the 2010 MTV Music Video Awards.  Let’s also face that her follow up release to her very successful first release didn’t have the same impact as her first.  Finally, let’s face the fact that while she’s very talented, she (her management included) work tirelessly at marketing HER.  So, when the weight gain came, I’m thinking the idea of rallying the 62%+ of the “overweight” American population would do wonders for her following.  A nobler gesture for her would have been for her to throw her support to the original group, but then she wouldn’t have been able to make it hers, would she?

Yep, I’ll say it……..I think Lady Gaga’s “Body Revolution 2013” project is her latest meat dress, and has little or no concern for the many people who have posted pictures to support it, including the “This Is My Body Project”, which would have stolen her thunder, since it’s the ORIGINAL project (which has over 17,000 likes on Facebook, by the way), and seems much more sincere (to this writer, at the very least).  I also think that in 3 years, “This Is My Body” will still be there, working towards body acceptance, while Ms. Gaga has moved on to her next stunt.

I hope I’m wrong.


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