Liberal = Fat Hate?

Recently I wrote a blog about a problem I encountered with the Occupy Monsanto Movement, which you can read HERE.

Since a young age, I’ve considered myself fairly liberal in both my political and social outlook.  My original goal out of high school into my first year of college was to graduate and head to law school, where upon graduation I would help the indigent in fighting the powers that be.  That was of course until I blew my 4 year scholarship to Seton Hall University to be in a rock band, but that’s a whole other blog that will likely never be written.

I was shocked to see how the Occupy Monsanto Movement (which does not represent the Occupy Movement as a whole) was engaging in bullying of fat people, and censorship of anyone who critiqued them for it.  I consider them a liberal movement, so it was the last thing I expected from them.

Along with my liberalism however, I have a strong sense of doing what is right, and my readers all know that fat activism is very near and dear to my heart.  So, when I see that group (hell, any group that I feel is maligned in some way), I get this urge to point it out to those who engage in it.  Sometimes people get it, and other times it can get quite ugly.  Today, this blog will deal in ugly.

Let me introduce you to United Liberal Nation.  Oh, you don’t know WHO they are?  Neither do I, though this YouTube video will help explain their purpose:

I took a look in the comments section of this posted video, and noticed the following from a viewer:

“The person who runs the United Liberal Nation on Facebook is an idiot. I tried to help his argument by pointing out a fallacy, but he remained proud of his ignorance. He blocked me because of the fact I was pointing out that one thing he was saying about Mormons was patently false. What an idiot.”

I found this video yesterday, after a friend of mine posted this picture that appeared in the United Liberal Nation’s Facebook Page

Oh great, Chris Christie is so fat they turned him into a parade float.  That’s so funny!  Got a fat politician that you dislike or want out of office?  They’re easy targets, make fat jokes about them!!!!!!!!

Not me.

In fact, I went to the comments section, where some of my partners who attempt to correct this behavior on a daily basis had already been, and aired my opinion about how classless posting this photo was,  and my perception that this would be an act that I would consider more consistent with what I would expect from the fanatical conservatives.  We were hit with a barrage of comments by whoever runs this Facebook page, and some other ignorant sheep that ranged from “it’s a joke, get a sense of humor” to “you must be conservatives that are trying to undermine the good that we’re doing here!”  Let me make a couple of points here:

1.  Fat people have a sense of humor, but many if not most, don’t like humor that demeans others, since they’ve always had that kind of mean spirited humor directed at them.  To me, “lighten up, it’s a joke” = “you’d be able to laugh at it too if you weren’t fat”
2. Is it me, or does it seem like anytime someone criticizes fat prejudice on a political or social cause website, said critics automatically are dismissed as people who are there to undermine their cause?

Again, at no point do these people ever say, “Gee, I wonder if they have a point?”  No, they’d rather defend a position that there’s really no defense for.  Well, let me tell you what the genius who runs United Liberal Nation did.  They decided that they would moderate out any of the anti anti fat comments, which I guess they felt that they could then direct the thread by claiming the pic was posted because Governor Christie was full of hot air, not because he was fat.  There was only one problem with that………………………..

The anti fat jokes and comments continued from other readers and supporters of this “cause”.

Here’s a few of them: (names included to embarrass the guilty)

Artie Alvarado – Remember that fat bastard if full of hot air, cut off retiree’s pension COLA & gave his staff pay raises.

Jeanne Martinez – Tub of worthless humanity!

Artie Alvarado  – Remember that fat bastard if full of hot air, cut off retiree’s pension COLA & gave his staff pay raises.

Steve Nicolaides  – Did he lose weight to fit in the door? Or did he just check his EGO at the door?

Steve Reno Oronzio – If U could keep Christie out of Mike & Emmas,he would of been our next Vice Pres…instead he had to use x-tra breath mints during that speech last night! haha.

So, this Liberal engaged in censorship of our comments, but allowed the fat hatred incited by this picture to continue.  Now, as someone who dislikes most of Christie’s policies (I live in NJ, and despise what he’s doing to this state), as a size activist, I am compelled to defend him, though I don’t like him.

So this morning, I returned to the United Liberal Nation Facebook page, and not only saw the comments deleted, but saw a new post from the administrator of the page which they asked for thoughts about the woman who was thrown out of the GOP Convention for throwing nuts at a CNN camerwoman, who was black saying “this is how we feed the animals”.  I gave them my thoughts, I thought THAT was as wrong as throwing up a picture of a man on their Facebook page to look like a parade balloon so that people could make fun of him because he was fat.

And the admin of the page deleted my comment, and blocked me from further comment on the page.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve worked really hard on not using profanity in my blogs.  In fact I’ve done everything possible to not revert to profanity in real life (except when I’m driving, of course), so I’m not going to engage these douchenozzles by giving them the verbal beating that they deserve.  When I used to do it, both in person and on the web, I’m pretty sure that people’s eyes and ears would be bleeding by the time I was done.  By writing THIS blog, I can expose this “liberal” organization for who they are, and what they are not.

Plain and simple, you were a conduit for fat jokes and hatred, and while you “claim” that you can’t control comments made by your “supporters”, you left comments like those I posted above in this blog, yet deleted certain comments that critiqued the picture in question.  Your censorship is far worse than any censorship from any conservative group I’ve criticized in the past, as they at least took the time to discuss the topic in an intelligent manner, without resorting to accusations, like you have.

I am liberal, and proud of it.  What I am NOTand will not ever be is part of your shit group that engages in their own forms of fat hatred & bullying.  I hope one day we can meet, because I will have all of my fat friends with me (which according to statistics now represent 67% of our country) and we will roast you and eat you.

Oh, and here’s a political message for you from Uncle Sam (my favorite American Icon):

Oh and hey, would someone mind posting the link to my blog on the United Liberal Nation page for me????  Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Liberal = Fat Hate?

  1. Huurrrr fat jokes, so funny. If they want to be funny, they should really put a little effort in. fat jokes are such a cheap shot and just make the person engaging in them look like a bigoted idiot. I’m disappointed, frankly.
    This was a great post, as always, and while I appreciate the restraint you show with regards to profanity, sometimes a well delivered middle finger and a good old-fashioned “fuck you!” gets your point across nicely.

  2. Of all places even folks in Berkeley CA who claim to be the most liberal, open minded and accepting of diversity often openly display fat bigotry. I’ve been there and on a few occasions have overheard less than flattering comments about fat people. Unfortunately, fat bigotry is truly still the last “acceptable” form of discrimination, even amongst people who fancy themselves as being open minded liberals.

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