Well if THIS Isn’t A Crock?!?!?

Before I get into my rant for today, I want to give you a quick update about our heat seeking missile known as Pauline Potter, who as you know, laid claim to the title of World’s Fattest Woman in an attempt to get the renowned Dr. Phil to assist her in her weight loss. A recent article stated that she is now attempting to lose weight be having multiple episodes of monkey sex on a daily basis with her ex husband, according to the Daily Mirror.

Well I just heard today from a mutual friend that Ms. Potter has said that the story is not even true. She said they will write anything they feel about her so they are making her into a side show. She isn’t happy about it.

So if that is true, why has she not secured an attorney to sue them for defamation? Obviously Ms. Potter is in the public eye, and her “good name” has been tarnished with this “untrue” story. There’s money to be made here, Pauline!!
Strangely enough, as I was writing this blog, Lissa informed me of the following promo for the Dr. Drew show on Headline News – “Up next: The world’s fattest woman having marathon sex and shedding the pounds. See you at 9 on HLN.”

Ms. Potter, you are a crock.

On to my real story.

Take a look at this new study (from ifpress.com)

Time spent in front of the TV as a toddler could lead to a larger waistline and poor sports ability later in childhood, a new study suggests.

The study by researchers at the University of Montreal and Saint-Justine Mother and Child University Hospital found that for every extra hour of TV a child watched at the age of 4 1/2, their waistline increased by slightly less than half a millimetre.

“We already knew that there is an association between preschool television exposure and the body fat of fourth grade children, but this is the first study to describe more precisely what that association represents,” study senior author Dr. Linda Pagani said in a release. “Parents were asked about their child’s TV habits. Trained examiners took waist measurements and administered the standing long jump test to measure child muscular fitness. We found, for example, that each weekly hour of TV at 29 months of age corresponds to a decrease of about a third of a centimetre in the distance a child is able to jump.”

Researchers examined data for 1,314 children who had taken part in the Quebec Longitudinal Study of Child Development. When the children were 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 years old, their parents reported how many hours of TV they watched during the week and on weekends. The average was 8.8 hours a week at the beginning of the study but increased on average by six hours over the next two years to get to 14.5 hours a week.

“In summary, our findings suggest that as a preferred pastime, television also represents a modifiable lifestyle factor that is associated with later physical prowess and health,” the study says.

The findings were published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

SO, essentially these researchers have developed a “scientific” method for predicting exactly how fat a kid is going to be by checking to see how many hours a day a kid watches TV. So my first question to these researchers is why did you pick TV as the benchmark for how fat a kid is going to get? Will he/she get just as fat if you plant them in front of a computer? How about if they were sedentary, but playing with dolls or cars, or dolls IN cars? Really….where is the connector here. Perhaps these researchers don’t like television.

Second, I can cite contemporary research that will refute the concept that waistline is an indication of health. That my friends, is the crux of most size prejudice in our world. I recently cited some research in the comments section of thread about the advantages and disadvantages of fat shaming, most of which fell on deaf ears from so called “experts” on the subject. Let’s look at some of the knowledge that was shared after I posted:

Not much point trying to shame people as they will always find excuses on why arent fat, unhealthily or unfit – there will always be a reason that’s just not their fault. People will duck and dive and not take responsibility. I was obese 18 months ago – I’ve lost over 25 kgs and still have a lot of weight to loose. I am loosing weight because I want to. I stayed fat for 15 years because i didn’t want to do anything about it. In the end it’s simple maths – don’t consume more energy than you use. As I loose weight, I look around and I see in my town how obesity is an epidemic and just seems to be getter a bigger problem. I don’t feel sorry for fat people – it is a choice.

And yet a doctor in Singapore just released a paper on how fat people can be healthy people too – I can’t see how that can be given the stresses excess weight places on the body.

I have a very close friend her and her husband are extremely obese. His legs are purple, she can hardly walk. I worry for them. They can hardly move but they do nothing to try to do the 1 thing that would expand their quality of life. Eat less, eat better. I don’t judge them. I want them to be healthy that’s all.

Ever heard of Darwinism? It comes down to survival of the fittest. If they’re not prepared to do something about it then they will die from their own laziness

And finally, this “GEM”

Seriously, our society has become so soft and emotional it’s not even funny.

I gave excuses for years as to why I couldn’t or wouldn’t lose weight. Tried every diet pills, every radical eating plan, to the point where I vomited between 3-7 times a day because I was so psychologically stressed over food and my weight.

One day I woke up and decided I had enough and wasn’t going to make any excuses. I needed to change my lifestyle and my way of thinking desperately. I’m also bipolar, have social anxiety and horrid depression. My days are a struggle but I still did it and I never got the sad’s over Government actioned ads encouraging people to lose weight.

I’m sorry, but being overweight is actually a choice. Every person has the power to change it in one way or another. And if people continue with the self defeatist ‘poor me’ attitude they will NEVER achieve weight loss success.

If anyone wants to stay overweight, then that is their business. But as long as you’re not sitting on top of me on the train, aeroplane etc and my tax dollars aren’t going towards multiple surgeries caused by over eating and lack of respect for people’s own bodies, then I don’t care. Personal choice. A lot of women have embraced their natural bigger bodies and I have always been an advocate of that. I don’t personally advocate that being dangerously overweight is ok though.

Those of you who know me well, know that I was obese in my high school years. I was shamed over my weight, and made every effort to lose it, so that I could date girls, and do things the “good lookers” did. At 16 years old, I discovered a wonderful drug called Biphetamine, which we called Black Beauties on the street. I did methamphetamines at 16, so I could be popular. After contracting Hepatitis A during my first year in college, I focused on making myself as healthy as possible, and until very recently, the weight has stayed off. With that said, I want to make a couple of observations (not “facts” like the idiots who wrote the subject article)) about this.

1. While I worked hard over the years to keep myself in good overall shape, I came to realize that for certain people, that came easy, and for others it was virtually impossible, which I attribute to genetics, and other outside factors(drugs, depression, etc.).

2. The other thing I noticed was that I also had friends who were considered “fat”, yet were far more active than I was, and there were thinner people who did nothing. My observation was that you can’t look at a person and assess their overall health regardless of size.

And for me, this is what is elemental to size acceptance. If you can’t assess health via observation, why do people assume that any deviation from the average person is unhealthy?

I agree with my friend and fellow blogger Gabriella Falarz, who said the following in the same thread that I posted in:
you thin people complain about us fat people being eyesores all the time … well if we lost weight and looked like the rest of you (which is nothing to brag about), then how would you feel good about yourselves? Where would your sense of superiority come from? who would you try and denigrate so that you could feel better than other people? face it … you need us around so you have someone to look down on and so that you can feel better about yourselves. you make me sick.

In the pro wrestling business, there are some theories on “putting yourself over” (being successful with promoters or fans), and one of those theories centers around slamming your “competition”, putting you in a superior position. THAT is specifically what Gabriella is referring to.

For me, that’s just a crock………..


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