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Before I start, I want to direct you to another blog called Red No. 3, and their most recent writing called Weepily Sensitively Fat. It’s a great read, not only about the author, columnist, podcaster, and relationship “advisor Dan Savage. Oh yeah, he’s also a fat shamer. Good for him, it makes him an idiot, at least from where I sit.

I’m recommending this as a read simply because the blogger, Brian Stuart is engaging in fat activism by confronting in such a compelling way in his blog. He attacks Savage right at the heart of the matter. I call that working the system. Brian Stuart is not Dan Savage (thank goodness), simply because he doesn’t have as many readers/listeners.

That my friends, is what MY blog this week is about.

See, I’m not Dan Savage either. I’m probably not even in a class with Brian Stuart, whose blogs likely get far more readers than I do, especially since I do little to promote my blogs. The point here however, is when you add up the blogs written by Brian and all the other great writers in the size acceptance movement, they probably rival Dan Savage’s readership numbers. Pretty powerful group, these fatties.

Part of the challenge of course is that the readership of those size acceptance blogs are primarily people involved in size acceptance. I would love to see more people coming to read these things so they can learn, and I’m pretty sure that if you ask Marilyn Wann, or Dr. Linda Bacon, who also write regularly, they will tell you that they get thanks from many from people who actually DO come to read those blogs and learn.

The other part of the challenge is how to deal with the haters. That’s where I come in.

Last week, I got into a small battle with former LA radio shock jock Tom Leykis, over posting a link to a fat girl in bikini article that had gone viral. Old Tom wasn’t there to promote it…….he was pointing people to it so they could ridicule and make fun of it. The blogger is GabiFresh and the story can be found here. Heres the Facebook link to Tom’s hate page:

So, I called Leykis out as a fat hater, which I find kind of interesting since he’s obese. I guess he’s trying to distance himself from the pack. Anyway, Leykis didn’t like my comments on his Facebook page, and blocked me from further posting.

Undaunted, I began to confront him on Twitter. I’m a firm believer in hitting people like this head on. I’m still hitting noted fat Nazi MeMe Roth on Twitter, and I went right at Leykis there, tweeting almost by the hour.

“You can shut me down from commenting on FB, but not here. You want to make fun of fatties? Well, I like to make fun of idiots!”

“Good thing you’re off radio and down to just podcasts with your generic hate. Crawl back in your hole, idiot.”

“Leykis is a coward. Had to shut me down from commenting on his facebook page. Scared, Tommy????”

Well, if I didn’t scare him, I got his attention, as he tweeted back to me:
“Thank you for making it obvious why you had to be removed from our Facebook page, and that you’re a New Jersey Dickwad”

Well, I’m kinda proud of being a NJ Dickwad, so I kept going………..
“Why, because I actually made sense? Not like the rest of your listeners, who seem to be mentally challenged, much like you.”

“By the way, a dickwad would be an improvement for you.”

“And anytime you want to head back east, I’d be happy to “debate” you in person. Bring a flak jacket, you’ll need it.”

“And you’re not the future of radio, you’re part of its past, proving that there is a GOD”

“I remember when your show was on the air on WNEW fm in New York for………….what, about a week?”

“You couldn’t get over in the the radio market you were born in, so you had to run away to Cali. What a loser.”

BANG!!!!! He blocked me on Twitter as well! That’s fine, because I wasn’t the only voice that called him out. I saw many from size acceptance challenging him for his bullshit in their own ways. Admirable to say the least. Look, I know I’m not going to change the mind of this guy, perhaps not even any of the minds of the sheep who follow him. My goal is to effect those who may be considering this for the first time, and are reading about it, or those who are suffering from body image issues thanks to garbage like this hitting the internet. In some cases (see previous blogs), I’ve been able to get hateful content removed, and helped other do the same, but the real reason on confront in the way that I do is to let people know that not everyone hates. Some people GET IT. Thanks to the many blogs that I read weekly, I’m able to go one on one debating people who think they know why people are fat. I can deal with them on an intellectual level.

I can also get in the gutter with rats like Tom Leykis. I LOVE to get under their skin to the point where they have to block me to stop the bleeding. Your words can’t hurt me, only the hateful words said to friends, and the people I care about. When you do it, I come back with both fists, and it’s usually never pretty.

It’s like a game, and I’m good at playing it. More important, so are other people, and voices and words are being heard and read. Those voices are getting louder (not fatter, Mr. Leykis, though it may seem that way to you). Be careful though, because if you piss enough of the fatties off, they might just eat you.

And he calls ME a Dickwad!

2 thoughts on “Working The System

  1. So making fun of fatties is bad but it’s ok to make fun of the “mentally challenged”? Your constant drumbeat is that you can’t make judgements based on appearance, right? It’s not ok to call a skinny person an anorexic or to call a fat person a compulsive eater, right?

    So just because somebody says something dumb, or something with which you disagree, you’re ok with tagging them “mentally challenged”? You’re probably going to claim you weren’t making fun of anyone, but you were. You basically said anyone who listens to Leykis, as well as Leykis himself has to be “mentally disabled”.

    1. You have your head so far up your ass with trying to discredit me that you’ve lost your sense of perspective. That’s fine, since future posts from you will be deleted without response.

      I absolutely was making fun of someone, it was Leykis, and the people who listen to him. I believe even people who are mentally challenged would see that. It’s called baiting, since I was trying to get a response out of him. It didn’t work, so I took to the blog. I’ve since tweeted him, and got a response, but that will be another blog for another time.

      When I was a kid decades ago, I used to complain about what we were watching on TV at times, and my mom’s advice was “If you don’t like what you’re watching, change the channel”. My mom was a wise woman. You might want to listen to her advice and read someone else’s blog, since you seem to disagree with everything I write. Or, you could ask your mom for her advice, unless she’s busy listening to Tom Leykis..

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