Fat Related Events vs. Size Acceptance

One of the many reasons that I stopped promoting BBW/FA events, and began to move my focus towards size activism is because I didn’t want to get what I did confused with this:

Nice, using a child icon like the Cookie Monster to promote your event. I wonder if Children’s Television Workshop (who owns the rights to the Henson created characters) would approve of this.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think this doesn’t look like anything positive to move forward size acceptance. It might be sex, it might even be fun for some, but it certainly shouldn’t be considered a BBW event.

Except that the poster & ad was run in a BBW forum. This particular forum also posts a lot of body image seminars & workshops, as well as offering support to the many members of the website. It shows up next to weekend bashes and dances, like it’s somehow lumped in with the rest of the BBW/FA events. Again, this is part of the fat scene that I choose not to be part of, and don’t want what I do, or have done to be confused with looks more like a sexual fetish. It may be fine for some, and I’m not critiquing those who participate. If you enjoy this kind of stuff, I get it. You can even message me to tell me what a GREAT time you had. But, don’t ask me to join in.

It’s just not me.


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