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Pretty rough address for a website, huh?

The message isn’t very pretty either. The website has been around for a couple of years, and while it attacks the obese with the vigor of Mel Gibson arguing with his ex, Oksana Grigorieva. Just look at a few quotes from this website:

If you are overweight, you can do one of two things:

1) Be offended, hit the back button now, and go cry yourself in to a tub of ice cream
2) Read this page, laugh at the bluntness and choose to change your life TODAY!

Let’s just start with that. If you’re fat, you’re eating too much damn food. Period. It’s not your parent’s fault for giving you the “fat” gene. It may be their fault that they made you like food so much, but for once in your fat life let’s stop blaming other people, OK?

And you want people to think “Well damn, that fat fucker must be fat because of their unfortunate genes, I saw them drink Diet Coke yet they’re still fat!! That’s too bad.” But nobody thinks that, everyone knows why you’ve got more rolls than a sushi restaurant.

Did you ever buy any “workout” equipment advertised on late night TV? How about miracle diet pills? Got a Thigh-Master in your closet? Or some stupid little gizmo that’s supposed to help you do crunches and tone your abs? You do? You know why you have that? Because you’re a FUCKING idiot, that’s why!!!

Unless you’ve gone to the doctor and he told you that you have a thyroid problem then the problem is not your thyroid, it’s your hands shoveling food into your fat fucking mouth, that’s what the problem is.

Is there some relationship between the bones inside your body and the fat rolls on the outside? No there isn’t. The fact that I can’t tell where your neck ends and your face begins is because of fat, not “big bones”.

Whooo boy. Strong words, but fat people need to be motivated, and sometimes shaming is just what the doctor (or in this case author, which I’ll talk about in a moment) ordered, right? After all, fat people CHOOSE to be fat, by how much crap they eat, and how little exercise they get. Well, at least this website says so!!

SO, what’s the point of the site? Is it just to spew out hatred to the obese? Is it to motivate them to a thinner life?

I’m pretty sure that the person who owns the website thinks in their own twisted mind, they’re leaning towards option 2 above. In reality however, he/she wants to sell you an e-book. Yes, an e-book that shows you the “keys” to losing weight.

GREAT! They want to sell me something called “The Make It Fit Diet E-Book” for only $37!!!!

There’s so much wrong with this site, and the “information” contained in it that I had to blog about it just to get the rage in me out of my system.

First and foremost, shaming fat people won’t get them to diet, won’t get them to exercise, and sure as hell won’t get them to buy anything from you, even if you made some good points on this site! I find it important here to note that there are actually a few things that have merit, from my discussions with nutritionists, dieticians and doctors. Advice like “Don’t try to diet by starving yourself!”, “think healthy food” and “exercise is essential” is actually proof that even the biggest idiots in the world can be right, even if by accident.

The idea of selling weight loss in written form with fat shame and then friendly advice has been around for ages, yet people continue with their obese, “miserable” lives. Why is that? Simple, their advice doesn’t work, at least not long term. Much of what’s offered here is simply bad advice, more based on what “traditional’ medicine, diet and nutrition says the obese in America should be doing. That said, contemporary science is not only beginning to refute the more traditional causes of obesity, but also the recommended ways to lose weight, and more important, the recommended ways to be healthy regardless of weight. I could cite hundreds of very current articles that support this, but I’d strongly recommend that anyone who doesn’t believe me to click the following link and learn.

So, why would this concern troll insult the overweight and then act like their best friend with their well intentioned “advice” that doesn’t work? Again, the answer is simple……Money. They WANT you to stay fat, so they can offer you the next chance at perhaps a slimmer body, a healthier life, knowing full well that the actual odds of accomplishing it are so stacked against you because of reasons completely unrelated to any of the reasons they give you for being fat.

Here’s a little background on the website. I did a little research, and found out that the website went up in June of 2010, so it’s almost 2 years old. The owner of the site registered their website anonymously, likely because of the fear of reprisal from not only the people who are angry over the hateful tone at the front of the site, but from others who might buy this online book and find out it was a complete waste of money. So, it seems evident to me that the real purpose here is to make money from fat people, plain and simple.

Why would I say this? Do I have proof? Yeah, I sorta do. Please note this thread from a forum that I found while doing some research on the website. Check out the link:

The first post intrigued me:

I aquired this site last year, and figured I would put PLR product on it.
Do you guys see any potential in this thing or is it way too over the top?
It certainly does keep the readers attention, but would someone be willing to buy anything from this author?
www. yourefatbecauseyourestupid. com

So, it seems to me that this entrepreneur was attempting to put together his guerilla marketing plan, and was asking for advice in this internet marketing forum as to whether this in your face fat shaming was going to be effective in selling this e-book. Christ people, even Jenny Effing Craig doesn’t resort to this. It’s there for you to read in black and white.

Equally interesting to me were the majority of responses that discouraged his marketing approach. Yet this idiot went ahead with it, assuming that people would be shamed into it, making him/her rich. There’s no altruistic reason for this person to have this site. It’s not Jack LaLanne, or even Richard Simmons. It’s Donald Trump to the n’th power.

So for the next week, this website (courtesy of ME) will get more hits on it than it has ever gotten, and the owner will sit and wonder why. I doubt however, that they’ll ever figure it out, since they weren’t even clever enough to hide their questions about the site on an internet marketing forum.

The only STUPID person is the author/webmaster. Let’s all be just a little smarter than they are, and never waste our money on this “book”.


2 thoughts on “Guerilla Marketing

  1. Hey Phil :o)

    Ok, that first page is just totally disgusting. It’s so ride and vile it was not fun to read it all. However I found his real post, with the actual “tips” quite well written and all sound advice. It’s too bad that no one will read it because of how rude he was in the beginning.

    I don’t think he is selling anything though, I think when he said, “Or click this little button and buy my fat burning eBook for only $37” he was making reference to his earlier mention of how us gross fatties always look for the easy way out and end up spending money for a quick fix. The other page even leads to a Free Weight Loss report, but there’s nothing actually for sale by this author on there.

  2. If you’re willing to spend $37 on an e-book that tells you to eat less and exercise, you kinda do deserve to be mocked for your stupidity.

    Why is it the constant third rail of size acceptance to say that in many cases people are responsible for their size? I just don’t get this need for some SA leaders to seemingly obsess over the idea that size is a genetically pre-determined given.

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