I want to thank my good friend J**** for allowing me to post her blog here. For those who may have body image issues, perhaps this will be of some help, and a source of inspiration for you!


What lovely acronyms ! Very befitting.

I was a part of the fashion world for a short time approximately 100 lbs ago. But even at that weight, I was considered “too fat” to model clothes. My pics were primarily from the neck up – I advertised make-up and perfume, or anything else in which simply a face was sufficient.

But I wanted to be like the rest. And the rest wanted me to be like them. I therefore lost even more weight, under their subtle brain-washing, so that my figure met the acceptable standard. I may have modeled clothes on one or two occasions – my memory remains a fog.

But I clearly remember looking into the mirror during that period of starvation. I looked like a man ! Startled, I invited the weight back with no regret.

The diet industry is a multigillion dollar profit making machine. It’s hard work to become what you are not. It requires help, great discipline and the false conviction that you will look far better if the bones show.

But they can help you ! Of course, you will need to pay them.

So come the diet foods, protein powder, appetite suppressing drugs, infomercials, weight loss centers, all targeting your pocketbook. The health industry is in on it too. There is bariatric surgery or simply more visits to the doctor, who frowns at your rising number on the scale, leaving you in fear of looming catastrophic health or simply the guilt of being an undisciplined overeater.

There are the skinny “icons” – those actresses, actors and other entertainers – who proudly display their gorgeous shape, or more accurately, shapelessness, to convince that less is far more pleasing to the eye. But enjoy them now for they won’t last long. We are in a short but most unusual phase of human history wherein the skinny chic is considered sexy.

Weight emphasizes those womanly parts that clearly distinguish woman from man. As we gain, our breasts, buttocks, hips and thighs swell. Added weight, as much as we may hate it, accentuates our sex.

I don’t recommend intentional gaining or becoming enormously fat, just as I do not recommend dropping to 90 lbs. Be who you are, proud and guiltless.

It is only my personal opinion that the first “B” in BBW enhances the second “B.” It is just my personal opinion that the skinny chick looks like a man.


2 thoughts on “BBW/SSBBW

  1. Why is it that thin seems to equal shapelessness or manly? I have seen plenty of 22 inch waist females with full breasts and butt. And even if they are stick like, why shame their physique by calling them masculine? Curves do not define a woman. A vagina does.

    1. Ashley, I happen to agree with you. I don’t think there’s anything manly about being thin. However, from this writer’s perspective, she feels that thin = manly.

      I think as one reads this guest blog, it can be seen WHY she equates fat with feminine. For years, she’s been told just the opposite. Fat people are treated like second class citizens, constantly told they aren’t desirable. Coming from the fashion industry, I can only imagine it was worse for her than for other fat women.

      I know there are body image issues with people of all sizes. As strange as it seems however, it is only the fat person who is constantly told by the rest of the world that they aren’t desirable, not the thin ones.

      By the way, I do disagree with you about what defines a woman. A vagina does not define a woman. Ask Chaz Bono and all the other transgendered people if that’s the case…….

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