A Non Shameless Plug…………

My friends over at Fierce, Freethinking Fatties are promoting something on their page, and I want to support them, and the person they’re throwing their support to as well.

Some of you may not know the story of Holley Mangold. Holley is an aspiring Olympic weightlifter, in the Super Heavyweight division. For you statisticians, Holley is 5′ 8″, and weighs approximately 350 pounds. Despite the fact that some people may try to convince you otherwise, Holley Mangold is an ATHLETE.

Holly has been athletic all of her life. She’s also weighed a lot her entire life as well. She played football as a lineman in high school, the same school that her brother Nick Mangold attended as well. Yes, THE Nick Mangold, the Pro Bowl center for the New York Jets. Ummmmmmmmmm, yes he’s a big guy as well. Ask all of the NFL defensive linemen.

Anyway, back to Holley. She’s on a quest to make the US weightlifting team, and compete in the Olympics, and it appears that she has. About a month and a half ago, USA Today did a great story on Holley which you can read here.. Despite some of the negative criticisms in the comments section of this article, most were VERY supportive of her.

That’s where I’m asking for your help. It takes money to go to the Olympics. Holley needs money. So, what she’s done is set up a Cafe Press site where you can purchase Holley Mangold merchandise, and help get a fat athlete to the Olympics. The merchandise for sale is really cool and clever, and is stuff you can actually use. You can reach her Cafe Press page by clickiing here..

I always hear complaints from within the community that there’s nothing to get behind, to support. Well, here’s your chance. Let’s get this girl to the Olympics, where she can show the world her athleticism, and dispel the notion that there are no fat athletes.

Do it for her…………….do it for yourself.

Just Do It.


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