Wailing And Whaling

Last week, NJ Governor Chris Christie visited Israel, and stopped at the infamous Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Many politicians over the years have visited the wall, and it always makes headlines. Christie was rumored to be in Israel to garner some support for a possible Presidential run in 2016.

The NY Post covered the story, and on April 4th, this headline appeared along with the photo shown above:

The whale at the wall

Here’s a link to the original NY Post article, so you can read for yourself. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/the_whale_at_the_wall_oken1GUqPamnfVeZB6xgHL

Oh, it didn’t just stop there. The writer of the article, an award winning reporter named Carl Campanile inserted several weight comments within the article as well.

“Christie weighs in at Israel holy site.” “It seems the Governor, in Israel to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly to drum up business for New Jersey, made a “huge impression at Israel’s western wall,” where he” brought his political heft.”

Aaaaahahahahaha. That’s really funny, Mr. Campanile. Using a newspaper to spread fat prejudice and hatred isn’t journalism at all. It’s shitty, and far more worthy of a soapbox in the middle of Times Square than on the pages of an already shitty newspaper. The Post also needs to be taken to task for allowing something like this to appear. I know that some of you might be skeptical that it helps to promote fat hatred, but I would direct you to look at many of the comments made in the Post link that I listed above, and ask you to think again. Even a NJ state Christie detractor, Senator Richard Codey, said the Post article was “way over the top”.

Now Governor Christie, whose politics I generally disagree with (except for his handling of both the NJ State Police, and the NJEA teachers union) should be critiqued for his politics, not for his girth. Christie, ever the politician, handled the Campanile article well.

Christie himself took it in stride, remarking “It’s really just a distraction and it’s unfortunate that the Post decided that it wanted to go there,” Christie said. “In the end, I’ve told people many times, that kind of stuff really doesn’t bother me. If that’s the way they like to sell newspapers it’s up to them.”

This has been going on since the beginning of the Christie administration, and I recall one comment made by a staff member of his opponent, former NJ Governor John Corzine, where they said “now the state house is going to give new meaning to the word ‘ROTUNDA'”. Yes, that comment was published as well.

So, after seeing many bloggers and fat activists take to their keyboards to blast Post writer Campanile for his unwarranted “editorial” story, an article appeared today in the Post, also written by him, discussing the fact that the approval rating for the Governor is now at an all time high. The title of the article THIS time?

Support for ‘tough love’ Gov. Christie

A link to this article can be found here. http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/support_for_tough_love_gov_christie_ByVWXD5Tuup7QB2I3WlmrK?utm_medium=rss&utm_content=National

I belong to a fat activism group who looks for fat prejudice and hatred in the media, especially online, and react to it. In this case, we made a ton of comments on the original article, contacted Mr. Campanile personally to tell him of our outrage of the original article, and contacted the NY Post to do the same. There were also many bloggers who took the Post and the reporter to task for the negative comments. Hey, I’m pretty sure Christie knows he’s fat. I’m also pretty certain that he’s had to become REEEEEEAAAALLLLLLLYY good at handling this type of stuff, and doesn’t need anyone’s help.

Not everyone who’s fat is Governor Christie, however.

So, by being active in responding to this negativity, the hopes are that those who are the victims of this in their lives will be able to feel good about themselves regardless of their weight, and understand that who they are isn’t validated by a number. Regardless of my differences with Chris Christie, he is an excellent model for those people, and our group works towards that as well.

As for Mr. Campanile, he’s toned it down a notch, based on this last article………at least for now.

I also thought I’d share a picture of him with you. Oh yeah, he’s on the right.

**************biting my tongue because I’m better than that***************


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  1. All I have to say is that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones……………….

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