In the ghetto……………………..

Let’s face it, generally black men are much better than white guys as FAs. They aren’t afraid to express their appreciation for the fuller female form. I don’t know why that’s the case, but many within the community acknowledge that it’s true. I used to joke with my ex that I must be black, as I’m also open and honest about my preference, which also comes with the same enthusiasm.

My writing today however, has nothing to do with black FAs, but of the business mindset of some of those who cater to those preferences, the black BBW pornsite owner.

Uh oh.

Typically, when there is a discussion with a BBW webmodel, the reasons given for getting in the biz range from “I do it for the money” to “I do it for my self esteem” all the way to “I do it to change the perception the world has, and teach them that fat CAN be sexy!”

The girls who model for black BBW porn sites generally are there for the payday, which according to some current and former models I know, isn’t much of a payday at all.

Let me explain. To most of you who know paysite girls, most of them are paid a percentage of the overall take of the website. In other words, there’s a revenue split that takes place between the model and the webmaster. That split can be as skewed as 80-20%, with the 80% going to the webmaster, or vice versa, with the lion’s share going to the model, but generally it’s somewhere closer to a true 50-50% split.

That typically isn’t the case on the black BBW websites. Most of the models there are usually lured in by the webmaster with a chance to get a free weekend at a bash, or a hotel out of their area. That alone can be enough to get them out of the house and into a weekend photo shoot!

From a former webmodel: “yeah, ******** told me that I’d get a free weekend at the hotel, all meals would be paid, I’d make some money and I’d have the time to relax and enjoy myself. That’s a hard deal to pass up!”

What she related to me after was that her “meals” consisted of the hotel’s continental breakfast, a sandwich & soda for lunch, and whoever she could get to take her to dinner. The money? A whole other story. These girls don’t get a percentage, they are truly taken advantage of by the webmasters. They are usually given a daily stipend for their efforts, typically $75-100 per day, some of which ends up going to pay for the dinner that they didn’t get included in their “deal”.

The webmaster typically walks with enough content from that weekend shoot that she can either release it slowly on their website for upwards of a year, or release it all at once in a PPV format, or on a DVD.

A webmaster from one of these sites told me that modeling helps empower these women to bigger and better things.

NO, the only thing that gets bigger is your wallet.

There is no empowerment here. A $300 weekend investment between the room and the model pay can result in a payday of tens of thousands of dollars. The market is very lucrative. Fat sells, ethnic fat sells more, and these webmasters are lining their pockets off of the efforts of the web models who don’t have the knowledge or wherewithall to do it themselves.

Again, this is America last I looked, and people have a right to make money how they see fit. That isn’t my issue at all. Again, the issue is that the webmasters “act” like they’re doing something positive for size acceptance, when in fact they’re not doing anything but be an entrepreneur. Again, as I’ve also accused others who have sucked $$$ from the fat community, ask yourself if any of them have ever given anything back. I know I have, and continue to do so. I defy them to prove that they’re doing the same. Fat people are just a business opportunity to them……you’re their inventory, and nothing more.

You think you’re helping these girls by giving them $200 for a weekend’s worth of work? That might be admirable if the girl is working at a McDonalds, but many of these women have families, and have to provide for them. Do you get all warm and fuzzy thinking that your money is going to tide her over until she gets a man in the house, or until you pay her another $200 in 6 months to do the same thing?

Please don’t think that any of this is a lie on my part, as I’ve been a little too close to the action over the years. While I’m not naming names, I will tell you that someone I know very well did a hardcore dvd that she was only paid around $200 for, because she was trying to pay down some debt. Oh yeah, and the webmaster went on to release this dvd, which ultimately ended up as payment for their new Lexus, while the woman in question was still paying down her debt. Fortunately for her, she broke the cycle, and never returned for the anticipated DVD sequel.

The problem is someone else will, and that cycle of webmasters in the fat black community taking advantage will continue. EVERY one of these exploitators will use some sort of catch phrase about strutting one’s stuff for size acceptance, or doing the right thing, for them$elve$, and the greater good of the fat community. Hey, big girls STAND UP!!

Yeah, stand up and get in line to make them rich. Knowledge is power. Read, and empower yourselves, so you don’t become victim to these lies.


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  1. Its so disheartening to know that women are being taken advantage of,when all they are doing is trying to promote acceptance and positive images of women who may be the same size and not have the same high self esteem. It’s good to know there are nice guys left opening the eyes of the world.

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