Pete and Ang……….

You thought you had the last word, didn’t you?

You posted a video on YouTube called Pete and Ang SSBBW Reactions 01, where you guys were “reacting” to a couple of SSBBW “porn sites”, and laughing and cracking jokes about the fatties. I posted a comment on the page, which you conveniently deleted, basically stating that the women that you are giggling over and laughing at are people who have learned to love themselves as they are, which likely takes more work than just losing weight, as you so conveniently stated in one of your messages to me after I commented on this video:

Here’s what you wrote to me:

think before you talk
sure there are several medical conditions for why people become morbidly obese and the statistics are that only .001% of obesity is cause by these conditions. Ive been a trainer for 17 years and let me tell you…its because they are lazy and refuse to eat proplerly or exert themselves enough to be healthy. Obesity is a tremendous probelm in our country because we eart too much and dont get active….*IF* it was simply “medical” like you are implying, why then are we the fattest country in the world…is obesity a disease that only americans can catch? why dont middle eastern people have a mysterious weight gaining disease? Because they dont have Mcdonalds, cars and xbox.

we were not simply making fun of fat people. we were looking at SSBBW Adult websites. There are women who have capitalized on thier (sp) obesity and arenot only proud of it, but are taking xxx rated photos and videos of them selves and posting them because they know that they are morbidly obese and can exploit that to make $ from it.

If a midget or mentally handicapped person did the same they would be subject to the same ridicule…

We only find humor in those who have put themselves out in the public view for that purpose. If I walked out of a circus sideshow laughing woulf (sp) you say the same thing to me???

Well, it’s nice to know that you would treat midgets and the handicapped in the same fashion. Looks like you’re an equal opportunity hater. Congratulations, you’ve just joined the ranks of the idiots!!

So, you’re a personal trainer……do you do the same thing when you’re at the gym, or do you wait until you get home so you could laugh and ridicule? I’m not fat, but I’d like to see you tell me that kind of shit to my face, and see what would happen to you.

What the fuck do you care if someone makes money from being fat? You’re saying a fat person shouldn’t be allowed to do the same things that their average counterparts do simply because they’re fat? That is ridiculous. So, people who don’t have bodies that meet YOUR approval should hide and not be proud of who they are? Ever hear of a Facebook page called “This Is My Body Project”? There are people who are coming to terms with their looks, fat/thin/average, and the reason all these body image issues exist is generally due to people like you. While I don’t frequent BBW paysites, I sure as hell will defend their right to have them.

There are people who are bodybuilders who make money from their bodies as well. You don’t laugh at THEM, simply because you find those bodies attractive. See, I find a curvier, softer body attractive, yet I don’t have it in me to ridicule those who are so into their bodybuilding that they end up abusing steroids and PEDs, and end up with bodies that don’t allow them to function any better than the fat people that you make fun of.

So, you can tell just by looking at someone who’s fat that the reason they’re fat is because “they’re lazy and refuse to eat properly”? Well, let me tell you sunshine, your ignorance (or just plain old stupidity) is showing. I can cite countless contemporary studies that refute that. The medical community is finally starting to come to terms that while diet and excercise play an important part in the health and weight of the average person, many other factors including heredity, disease, depression, and drugs play an equally important part in what a person weighs. Also, here’s a tidbit for ya, not all fat people are unhealthy. My girlfriend weighs more than I do, has a blood pressure lower than mine, her blood sugar and cholesterol are more acceptable levels than mine are, and has a tremendous energy level. How can that be? Pretty simple Sherlocks…………I have a genetic predisposition to several things, whereas she does not. Oh, but YOU can tell just by looking. You’re both dumber than I thought!

You can be fat and healthy. Look at some of the linemen on NFL teams. Bet you won’t make fun of them to their faces, would you? I have a friend in her early 40’s who weighs almost 400 lbs, and hikes, and can do a split. Can either of you do a split? No, my 40 year old, 400 lb friend isn’t dead because of her fat. You might want to look into the real mortality rates of fat people, you might just be surprised.

I’m pretty sure you’ll get the “last word” in again, since you won’t like what I have to say here, and like you, I won’t allow you to comment on what I consider to be my turf. By the way, it looks like you want to make a career out of making fun of fat people, since your YouTube account is now filled with your fat hate.

Don’t worry, I’ll make you famous for a little while, as I have several hundred who read my blogs weekly, and would love to engage you on your YouTube page until they get bored or hungry, then go off to eat 15-20 White Castle Hamburgers and fries, and wash it down with a BIG FAT MILKSHAKE………damn fatties.

Much unlike you two, where the only fat is between your ears.

Yeah, I have a prejudice too. See, I have this thing about assholes.


3 thoughts on “Pete and Ang……….

  1. Arguing With Idiots?

    Phil, before I even clicked on the clip, I noticed that they themselves were not, to put it mildly, perfect and even if they were physical examples of amazing physique, their IQs clearly qualify them for Social Security Disability benefits. Anyone can upload to YouTube now, even, evidently monkeys and dogs….(Ever see Parry Gripp’s Baby Monkey Riding on a Pig? MUCH more charming.)
    Anyone who would gleefully admit that they would also ridicule little people and the developmentally disabled, is bereft of a moral compass and any real self-awareness. People who devote so much time to such hatred are sad, just sad and pitiable. And his syntax…….he could recite a Shakespearean soliloquy and be laughed at and not for reasons he’d comprehend.
    The truth is that troglodytes abound and this guy (and his um..lovely friend) are bottom feeders even among troglodytes. That’s what you call people who get off on contempt and disdain for other human beings who aren’t like them. I usually think that when you post comments protesting this excrement, you do a good thing because it could stand out like a diamond among the turds posted by their ‘fans’ (others who are so miserable or ignorant that they project their own self-hatred and dissatisfaction with themselves onto others) but these two are a joke and weren’t worth your time. I could barely finish the link and refuse to share it, (even as an example of poor speech patterns and astonishing cognitive dissonance) just like I would refuse to share the contents of a dumpster with anyone.
    In all honesty, I would rather be dead, never mind fat, than be them.

  2. When I argue with idiots in the name of size acceptance, I rarely look to see the intellectual level of the people I’m debating. This wasn’t ever a debate, it was me spitting out some venom at two very hateful people with nothing better to do.

    As you know, since I plaster it everywhere I write, I put these responses up so that someone who may be new to the scene might see that there is real support in the world, particularly for women who think the only support they’ll ever get is questions about what they weigh, if they like to cam, and how fat they may want to get. The knuckle draggers in the video aren’t important, but my message IS.

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