Make Sure……..

To watch Dr. Oz this coming Tuesday (2/7/12) where he pits fatty vs. fatty in an effort to show that fat is inherently bad and unhealthy.

1. I never thought that Dr. Oz would stoop to this level of unprofessionalism.

2. To the fatties on his “good” side, do you realize what you’ve done?

3. To the fatties on his “bad side”, do you know how bad you look to the world?

Here’s a link to the Dr. Oz page for the upcoming show. Don’t believe me, make up your own minds.

The Dr. Oz Preview


One thought on “Make Sure……..

  1. The last Facebook post from someone who appeared on the show, before I dropped and blocked them.

    “Fat acceptance people: keep it coming! I don’t owe ANY of you an explanation, and I don’t care if you think I went on tv just to go on, or if you think I betrayed size acceptance by participating. I believe what I believe, and you can think what you want to think, but if I’m a self-loathing fat chick who is also an attention whore, so be it. I am entitled to my opinions PERIOD. Acceptance is acceptance, but apparently, you can gain weight and be acceptable to those in this community, but if you wanna lose weight you’re a hypocrite all of a sudden?”

    No, you aren’t a hypocrite, not all of a sudden, NOT AT ALL. It’s your body to do with whatever you want, and don’t let anyone tell you different.

    Now, with that said, there are lots of former fat people who have gone the way of losing weight for both cosmetic, health, and other personal reasons. Most of them have never gone on television to slam their former lifestyle. To me, it’s about attention, and the need to get it. And honestly, that’s sadder than being too fat, too thin, or unhealthy.

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