The WIZ is at it again, aka Gracious, Are You BODACIOUS pt. 2

Some time ago I posted a blog about Bodacious, and its publisher, accusing them of using profit as the motivation behind their efforts to add their definition of the word “Bodacious” to the dictionary. I was met with some resistance by the publisher and a few of his models, who claimed they were trying to do something positive for the community by showing that large women are sexy………..duh.

See, I have this theory that when someone tries to take a cause and make money from it, it takes away from the value of the cause. Honestly, I seriously doubt that the troll who’s rubbing out a fantasy to one of the models from his magazine/site is doing it in the name of size acceptance, and is more likely fantasizing about banging a fat girl while he’s dating or is married to her thinner counterpart.

I also have this theory that time flushes out the true intentions of people (see previous blogs), and Zik, the “publisher” of mag/site, and benefactor to fatties has again proven me correct. From his Facebook fan page:

Time to start BRANDING! I need more LIKES, tell your friends and FAMILY the Wizard of BODacious needs more likes. 2012 startes NOW for ud here at BODacious. We want 1000 likes by January 1st 2012. So GET MOVING. Watch us creaTE magic

I never knew a cause that needed a brand that existed for profit……….do any of you know of one?

And has anyone noticed the lack of true SSBBW’s in his mag/site? Maybe it’s just me, but does it seem that his idea of sexy while being fat ends at around 400 pounds?

And while the guy is still on a crusade to acquire a million petitioners to add HIS definition of the word to the dictionary, his crusade appears to be losing steam, perhaps simply because most of his readers can’t type with one hand. It appears that this quest may somehow be tied in with his magazine, and an effort to bring it back to print, but that is undetermined at this point.

Interestingly enough, his petition site (which I refuse to give the link to, so if you disagree with my thoughts here or my blog and want to help the guy, you’ll have to go about it alone) contains a quote from the author Napoleon Hill, whose most famous book was “Think And Grow Rich”. I’ve read that book several times, and I can promise you that Hill never suggests attaching yourself to a cause in an effort to make a profit. In fact, he condemns it in several of his other works.

Whatever the Mind can Conceive and Believe the Mind can Achieve”

Well I conceive and believe that your cause is bullshit, and that you promote nothing to further fat/size acceptance. You are around to promote you, and nothing else.


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