Ancient History, Timeless Advice

I wrote this in 2007. It’s been posted in several places (forums, pages, other blogs) over the years, but it seems as important today as it did when I wrote it.

It’s not size acceptance, though it addresses relationships with fat women. It’s really more about how to treat people with respect.

“Look, I’ve been an admirer of big gals for as long as I can remember. I came to way back in the day when Conrad ran the website from his other PenComputing site. A lot has happened since then.

Here’s my perception of what’s happened over the past 10 years. Lots of new FA’s who act like kids in candy stores, adding every fat chick they can find on MySpace, then messaging them to see if they’d be interested in having sex with them…….if they aren’t, they drop them from their friends list, and move on. It’s got to be a terrible waste of time, or someone has to reward them at some point with gratuitous sex to perpetuate this attitude. It makes me sick

The other FA I can’t stand is the guy who begs the fat chick with the website to add them as a friend, and then buries the girl in the back of his friends list, so he doesn’t get ridiculed by his equally idiotic friends who think that he’s even a bigger idiot than he is for liking fat girls. God forbid the girl posts a comment on this guy’s MySpace page, he deletes it like it had the AIDS virus. How can you ask someone to be your friend, and do that to them??? One of you asshole FA’s wanna give me a reason?? I’ll even take a bad reason…..please!!! I HATE CLOSET FA’S!!!!!! It is my personal crusade to rid the world of them, one shithead at a time.

My final gripe is with the FA that ONLY wants to talk about fat… fat a chick is, what her measurements are, what she’s been eating to get so fat, how big she intends to grow……..they ain’t fuk’n PLANTS, for Chrissake!!!! These are women with lives who have many other facets of life to discuss than just answering your questions so they have masturbatory fodder for later that night. Do you ever ask them what movies they’ve seen lately, or where they like to go dancing (did you even know she liked to dance?), or what they think about impeaching Bush?? C’mon you assholes, it just shows how meager your life is when their fat is all you can talk about.

It’s insulting, demeaning, and shows a complete lack of respect. Unfortunately, the world has become a place where lack of respect is becoming more & more common. When I used to chat with BBW’s, I respected all of them, realized they had lives beyond their size, talked with them about life, and things THEY were interested in. I think that because of that, I was lucky enough to get one of the hottest girls on the net, and have a wonderful life with her. Maybe if you trolls behaved the same way I did, you’d find a nice hot girl to go out with or marry, and not have to stay home jerkin’ the gherkin thinking about those beautiful women, wishing you had one.”


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