Fighting Fire With Fire

THIS, is Noel Biderman.

Mr. Biderman is CEO of Avid Life Media Inc, who just happens to own “What is that?” you ask?? Pretty simple, it’s a website that markets itself to married people looking for affairs.
Last week, this company published the following ad in the New York Metro:
This company is no stranger to controversy, it had an ad pulled from last year’s Super Bowl.

So, needless to say, a wonderful site called decided to take the company to task for this blatant slam of fat women. Here’s a link to their article:

An interesting sidenote to this article, Mr. Biderman said his company also owns a website called, purportedly dedicated to fat dating. While it seems obvious that the parent company is working their demographic, as the Jezebel article suggests, insulting part of your market isn’t exactly a great way to endear yourself to them.

On the heels of the Jezebel blog, the model whose picture was in the ad sent a message to Jezebel with a well written rebuttal to the ad campaign. Within that rebuttal however, she promoted HER website, and said that she found cheating “disgusting”. This rebuttal loses some credibility in light of the fact that some people would consider men looking at BBW paysites as cheating, and that she is no more moral than the website who stole her likeness. Her rebuttal can be found here:

Mr Biderman went right at the model, firing the following shot at her:

The best thing that could’ve happened to this woman is that we used her in our ad. Despite what she may want you to think, she is reaping the press for her own pornography website. She took these pictures and signed the release knowing that they were not just for ‘personal use.’ However, if she can get great publicity from this, all the power to her.

Now, I thought that his quote would end it all, and the model has since failed to respond, likely not because she agrees with Mr. Biderman, but is likely above the bullshit. Mr. Biderman however, is not, and so today decided to “tweak” his advertising campaign with the new “revised” ad, also published in the NY Metro:


I’m beginning to see why their ad was pulled from the Super Bowl. Looks to me like this guy will stoop as low as need be in an effort to generate new business. By the way, has weighed in on this ad campaign as well:

I didn’t start writing the blog to discuss the moral issue of cheating. I think those who know me know how I feel about that. What I will say is that a website that promotes infidelity is likely morally corrupt to begin with, and isn’t concerned with insulting such a large (in numbers) demographic.

This leads me to my point. How would you feel if you were one of the people who frequented their plus sized dating website, knowing the ad campaign waged by their “sister” company, and the mindset of their CEO? Giving the fatties somewhere to play that is distinct/separate from their other endeavors is likely good marketing on their part, but Mr. Biderman needs to be taken to task for being not only insulting to a more aware than ever community, but for having such a cavalier attitude when approached on the subject. IF I were looking to date (I’m not), the LAST place I’d look would be I just have a hard time supporting someone that makes fun of the women that I find attractive. As I’ve said in the past, there is strength in numbers, and the masses need to make known to Mr. Biderman that he is a bald, aging, dumb fool (kinda like me, eh?) who’s in no position to ridicule anyone else on this planet.

Another item of interest. Several years ago, Noel Biderman appeared on the Australian “A Current Affair” program and admitted that if he found out that his own wife was accessing his cheater’s site, that “I would be devastated.”

I wouldn’t wish that on you, Mr. Biderman. I wish that your wife would get fat, so you could have an excuse to cheat, or better yet, leave her. It can only improve her life, getting half of your money, and getting YOU out of her life.


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