Silencing Voices.

Several days ago, someone whose opinions I always read and respect was unceremoniously banned from a forum that we both participate in.

This forum has developed a history over the years of banning people whose comments seem contrary to the ownership/management of the forum. Don’t get me wrong, every forum typically has rules that need to be adhered to when one posts, but many of these people are “stealth” banned, meaning that people in the forum wouldn’t be able to determine if the person involved simply stopped posting in the forum, or if they were in fact banned.

To me, stealth banning is an act of cowardice, as it disallows feedback from others who may respect the person involved.

It does prove to me however, that the ownership/management of this forum are not interested in the concept of not only size/fat acceptance, but acceptance that other ideas exist that may be as or more valuable than YOUR ideas. To do so tarnishes any reputation you may have earned as a pioneer in SA back in the day.

It’s a shame, as your forum has become out of tune with not only size acceptance, but the social aspects of the fat community as well. It has become an anachronism, much like the organization you left because you felt THEY were out of step with what was going on in the community at the time. Your forum is not timeless. While one can point to the statistics of hits on the site, you can’t disguise that the largest amount of surfing there is done anonymously, and on the many porn pages the site contains.

Mores important, the voices you have silenced over the years are speaking more loudly now on their own blogs and forums, and ultimately your forum, which I feel strongly is out of step with reality, will eventually fade into obscurity, and no longer be the primary source for those who look for internet information on the BBW/FA attraction, fat support and acceptance information. Sorry, but your forum has become nothing better than Fantasy Feeder with a hint of Fat Forums thrown in for good measure.

It’s a wonder I still post there anymore, except to hold up the stupid mirror when I see it.


One thought on “Silencing Voices.

  1. I want to add a little to this, as I’ve been informed that several others who I know and respect have been put in “timeout” mode in this forum. Timeout is for kids, or for those who cannot control themselves. Regardless of my feelings about the fat community in general, we are all adults here. To silence more people, then close a thread for fear of verbal reprisal on your own forum is not only egotistical, but paranoid as well.

    I am a participant in another forum on Facebook called Stark Raving Fat. The originator of the page is often criticized far worse than what appeared in the forum that I discussed above, He leaves the criticism on the various threads, often acknowledges them, and has only “banned’ several people who he received an overwhelming vote from others to do so, as their actions either undermined the purpose of the group, or hurt others.

    “Dementians” has shown a history over the past few years of attempting to rewrite history in its forums by editing posts, putting posters on timeout (what, until they “get it right”?), and banning those who somehow come into direct conflict with said paranoid egotist. Those actions, in and of themselves will end up negating any good that the forum may accomplish with its online presence.

    Several people over the past few years have tried unsuccessfully to put a forum together that would truly represent the various views within the fat/SA community, and remove it from the porn environment that the forum I described above so espouses. It seems obvious to me that the voices who have been silenced by mods that hide behind a keyboard unite in an effort to remove their thoughts from independent blogs (such as mine, though I wouldn’t put my writings in the same class with many of these other people) and present them in a more coherent, less strict, and most important, an HONEST forum that will allow discussion without reprisal for airing one’s thoughts.

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