Several days ago, I wrote a blog about size acceptance and talk shows, and mentioned that I had a few friends and acquaintances who recently appeared on the Dr. Oz Show.

For me, while there were no bombs dropped on the show (although a “bombshell” appeared), there is some fallout from the appearances made by these people.

Let me clarify for a bit from experience as to how people end up on these shows. About 2 months ago, I was contacted by someone from Tru TV (previously known as Court TV, but that was too banal for most) about appearing on a possible reality show about the pro wrestling business. The producer of the show was pitching an idea, and wanted me to pose as the co owner of a security company who works at pro wrestling shows. The concept was that we had a “crooked” ref whose bad decisions in the ring incited riots at our events, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for my partner and I to do any crowd control. If successful, a production company would follow us around from wrestling show to show as we “tried” to keep the fans from mauling this evil ref. So, I did an interview, and honestly, it wasn’t my cup of tea, so I came across as banal as the old Court TV did. Needless to say, the show won’t take place.

That’s the point. Shows like Dr. Oz, Tyra, Springer and others don’t want anyone who comes across “normal”. They want fanatics, people who appear to the rest of the world as deviant, because normal doesn’t get ratings.

Some refer to normal as average, but in a world where people are doing virtually anything to achieve “FAME”, I would prefer to be average. For me, average seems rare these days.

I don’t write blogs to be famous. The couple of hundred people who read my tripe when it comes out are typically friends of mine who would be discussing stuff like this with me anyway. If people agree with me, fine. Those who don’t, well that’s fine too, just show me where you feel my thinking is wrong. I’m always up for a good debate.

So, all of the guests who appeared on the show seemed deluded to me in thinking that their appearances were succesful. To this day, I cannot understand how people can get 1-2 minutes of actual speaking on the show, get discredited by the host, and then have people tell them how well the appearance went.

I’m not going to be one of those people.

Let’s start with Susanne Eman, aka Celestial Bombshell. In her own words:

I an NOT doing this at a risk to my health. Should I ever BEGIN to develop adverse health effects I would stop and only maintain weight. I thoroughly enjoy being fat and have many reasons for gaining and for sharing my story. As far as my children are concerned, their one interview has been chopped and changed. Lesson learned on that. I talk with them everyday about their concerns. I have always been a single mom and my kids are my life. Yes I am going to continue to gain. I’ve posted on a couple of sites over the last 2-3 years letting people follow my journey. I even stated back then that I wanted to find out just how fat I could healthily get. Nobody had a problem then, so why now? I financially support myself. I have put many things into place so that as I approach immobility I will be able to mostly care for myself. What I need help with at that time, I have already made arrangements for. Obviously I gave it alot of thought.

Let’s talk about her reasons for gaining and sharing her story:
1. Money
2. Attention from men (did you see her smile when one of the FAs described why she’s sexy?)
3. Did I mention money?

Hate to break the news to you, but you are not financially supporting yourself, several thousand guys from all over the world are. I’m also betting that the arrangements that have been made include some fanatic who promised he would take care of you beyond immobility. Ask some of the other women who have been told that over the years. Oh yeah, you can’t. Most of them are dead.

More important, just like Donna Simpson, while you might make a little more money via your Bombshells site, the real winner here is your webmaster, who’s likely running to the bank with the extra money your attention brings to his multi girl site. And when the trouble your fame brings becomes a problem for your webmaster, you’ll be a “retired” model from the site as well.

Again, in her own words:

I recently did videos of me stretching, swimming, waddling etc. I even documented a trip to the doctor. He revealed that there is absolutely nothing wrong other than morbid obesity.

They call it “MORBID” for a reason. Think about it. That’s like saying I’m fine, other than my cancerous lung. Dr. Oz is a sensationalist, the medical equivalent of Jerry Springer. That said, the results of her testing indicated that while at present she’s able to function, there are enough things going on there that can incapacitate or kill her quickly. I invite any of you to debate that with me.

I won’t get into the issues of Ms. Eman’s children, and her responsibilities as a parent, as these have been previously discussed when Ms. Donna Simpson got her 15 minutes of fame. All I will say is that as an adult, I’ve been responsible for essential care for others with declining health ant it was traumatizing to me, so I can’t imagine what it’s like for young kids to be thrust into that position.

Regardless Ms. Eman, you now have your fame and attention. Enjoy it.

While I see some people in forums defend her right to do what she’s doing (and I agree, based on our American right to be stupid), I feel that anytime a fat person walks by a group of people who laugh and snicker as that person walks by, they should resent Ms. Eman for reinforcing the negative stereotypes of fat people.

For the rest of the guests who appeared on the show, I have little to say, since none of them were there to further the cause of size acceptance, despite what some may claim. One of the guests has already issued a disclaimer about their appearance, saying they were on the show to further their agenda.

Of particular disappointment to me was one guest, who after spending the past several months lamenting a “personal financial situation” that could end with them becoming homeless, somehow could put it all together to appear on Dr. Oz for their 15 minutes of fame. While I think they also had an agenda, which was to sell their project, which had cost them a considerable amount of money, basically all of their savings. The product was brought to the community, but the community wasn’t buying. It left him in a compromised monetary position, which he has yet to recover from.

I have a good friend from the community who lives in Northern New Jersey whose life was recently devastated by hurricane Irene. Despite the adversity in THEIR life, I’ve barely heard a peep out of them with regard to their losses. Contrast that with the actions of the guest on Dr. Oz, and it becomes evident that the want to be famous overrides their want to get the other aspects of their life together, and that saddens me.

Perhaps I know far too much about the guests on the Dr. Oz show not named Susanne, and virtually all of them have come from tough personal situations over the past couple of years.

Going on a talk show that engages in sensationalism is not a cure for those personal situations.

One of the guests even told me about a year ago to get away from the circus (community), and get my act back together, as it would do me much good. Too bad they couldn’t take their own advice.

For me, I’m enjoying my time away. Not having to deal with the personal “emergencies” at the NJ Bash and not having to be staff psychologist has been refreshing, to say the least. As predicted in previous blogs, some of you have made me disposable, since you no longer require what I had done for you in the past. I’m good with that, in fact I’m great with that.

I’m just going to hang in my little corner of my world for now, and smile as I watch you spin your wheels trying to become famous for being fat, or for being attracted to someone who is fat. I’ll be back though, to remind you of your stupidity every now and then.


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