Why I Don’t Want To Be Called a FA Version 3.0

Because I don’t want to be confused with this:

Nearly 15 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Wonder what he’s done for size acceptance of late? For me, it’s THIS form of extremism in so many aspects of the feeder lifestyle that turn me (and hopefully most of the world) off.


One thought on “Why I Don’t Want To Be Called a FA Version 3.0

  1. I received a comment from someone who said that it’s a shame to not want to be called a FA for something as obscure as this,

    I don’t know the person who made the comment, but I can say that whoever this person is hasn’t read all of my blogs. This video isn’t the only reason. It’s the treacherous acts perpetrated by this guy, and so many others who think that it’s okay to be abusive to women, then cry like little babies after they leave.

    Yes I know that this happens in the world outside of fat women, and while I would defend those women as well (not that any of them, fat OR thin) need my defense, my world for the past 14 years has taken place in the fat community.

    So, it’s not JUST this video, Chris. It’s 14 years of idiots who are sexually and relationship retarded, with actions that are pervasive enough for fat women to look at FAs in general with an air of mistrust, and how hard it is to attempt to overcome that mistrust.

    That’s why.

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