Why I Don’t Want To Be Called “FA” – Revisited.

Before I get into my latest, I want to give a shout out to MossyState…..Hey, Fonzie is still blogging!

Okay, seen in a “Community” forum this weekend (one that claims it isn’t a dating site, just there for a BBW/FA version of social networking):

I can see where photos with less clothing can be beneficial. Hear me out.

Skillfully shot pictures can give the illusion that certain physical features are or are not there. In a face-to-face meeting, each party gets to see the other 360 degrees and upclose and personal. Girls, in peticular, are known for utilizing “myspace angles” or even going as far to photoshop themselves. For example, taking a picture of your face with the camera slightly highier than your head gives the illusion that the person doesn’t have a double chin. I bring that example up because a WHOLE LOT of the ladies on this site have profile pictures like that; but when you look at the rest of the pictures, you see that they look a lot heavier in the face than the profile pic lets on.

I’m basically saying that senting your “best” pictures gives a false image of what you look like and eventually the truth WILL come out at that face-to-face meeting. This is where wearing less clothing in photos actually benefits both parties in the long run.

If you send a picture of yourself in, say, your underwear, you’re laying all of your cards out on the table. There’s no hiding the fact that you down’t have a butt or that you’re really 50 lbs heavier than your picture lets on. Physical attraction is a huge factor in persuing a relationship with another person. So what’s the point of setting up this false image of yourself when eventually the person is going to see that you don’t look like the picture that you sent? You wasted both your and his/her time building a connection when the attraction won’t be there!

And let me also make the comment that I love bbws and ssbbws. A double chin, surprise 50 lbs or small tuckus wouldn’t bend me out of shape. I’m can find the beauty in just about anyone.

Well, I guess on a good note, at least the guy is up front and honest about his preferences. He wants his women thick but not fat, with an ass but not too big, and you’d better not have 2 or more chins. Remember however, that he can find beauty in just about anyone.

I have a feeling that this guy isn’t interested in size acceptance.

Adding to the intrigue of his post, this FA had no picture of himself on his profile.

Even more amazing to me were some of the responses, actually dignifying this guy’s statement.

If you’re really interested in a person and really wanna meet them, why to to decieve them by sending pics that make you look different then you really look?

When I send pics I’ll send first one I feel comfortable sending essentially my “best first impression picture” and I will add in one that is “not so hot” but still pretty. That gives a guy a good idea of me at my hot moment and me at my not so hot moment.

So sure, if I’m into a guy and we plan on meeting, then I try to go out of my way to make sure he knows what he is getting before I set myself up for heartbreak.

I have a cam and I would gladly show anyone myself on cam so there are no issues. My face is very heavy so not showing a double chin does not hurt me in my eyes. I guess to each his own. I do find it strange that a gray face would post this though. Just saying.

Maybe it’s just me, but so many of the responses seemed to be pandering to him. Again I say that for years I’ve been completely honest with the community in forums like the one he posted in, never intentionally caused a fat woman to consider herself less than what she was (particularly since I was in relationships for 90% of the time I’ve participated in forums, so compliments were sincere and without motive), been nothing but encouraging, participated in and $upported size acceptance, and I get maligned, which is why I rarely post anywhere these days.

Yet, an idiot like this comes along, and he’s treated like he’s made a valid point. And god forbid that I critique any of the women who seem to be playing up to him, because the fat feministas will defend their sisters to the death, since after all, I’m not a fat woman, and I’ll never know what they go through on a daily basis.

Yeah, being part of a boys club that demands truth in packaging from women, so they can sex them up with no promise of a relationship, isn’t something that I’m interested in these days.

Come to think of it, it never was.


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