The END of Cursive Writing

As you can see, I’m typing this post, rather than writing it by hand. In a world where we’re texting, typing and tweeting more than ever, we are putting less emphasis on actual WRITING these days.

So little in fact, that schools are de-emphasizing teaching it these days. Indiana Department of Education told their residents to expect standardized testing to move to an online format, so that all 48 states that participate in the “Common Core” can take the same tests. They, along with many other states are rapidly moving towards allowing the individual school districts to decide if cursive will be part of the school curriculum, and most are opting out, and beginning to teach keyboard skills starting in kindergarten. Now, I am all for progress, and I don’t see anyone today lamenting the lack of abacus skilled kids in today’s world.

That said, cursive writing is an individual skill that no 2 people share, so it’s really not like mathematics. Our signatures for example, are all unique. It’s what makes us…….US. If you saw my signature, the large P, the swoop to come across the H, etc., you’d agree that no one could do that. It’s MINE, it’s what identifies me when I sign a contract, or a lease, or any legal document.

I wonder how the legal system is going to handle this in the future. “Your honor, that is NOT my keyboard that typed that, I SWEAR!”

I’m all for moving forward with technology, but I would still like to maintain a certain sense of being human in some way, and cursive writing to me is one of the vehicles that helped me to feel that way. I’ll miss it, but I wonder if succeeding generations will look at my cursive handwritten notes 100+ years from now, and not be able to read it.

Perhaps a cursive version of the Rosetta Stone.


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