A Different Kind Of Closet………

“Birthday was great till this fat fuck Katie Fi** from Nevada decided to play her games. Other then her fat alkie presence, rest of the day was great.”

The above quote is from a well known person in the BBW/FA ranks named Snuggletiger (aka Christopher West), who let his true feelings about fat people be known online to the rest of the world.

THIS is the different kind of closet that I’m talking about. You all know the “other” closet guys, the boys who are attracted to fat women, but are afraid to admit their preference to their friends. For many of those guys, there’s help. As they interact with other guys who aren’t afraid of who they are, perhaps that confidence can rub off on them. They are also the most common, so most people can flush this kind of closet FA in a heartbeat.

This other type of closet case may be beyond help, I’m afraid. This kind of guy is dangerous, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He comes across as a “nice guy”………..NO, more like self depricating, trying to get women to feel sorry for him. It’s a sham, a ruse. While I don’t know the circumstances surrounding why he was no showed on his birthday, my mind takes me to a place that isn’t very nice, and perhaps the woman involved decided that she’d seen enough, and would rather he spent his birthday alone rather than risk being offended by this guy.

I had encountered him in the past, both in Dementians, and later on Facebook, when he decided to interject himself into a relationship I was in. While the Facebook stuff seemed innocent enough, the fact that he’d comment every time I wrote on this girl’s Facebook wall was enough for me to contact him, and suggest that I take a plane to Vegas to teach him some manners. Strangely enough, I never heard from him again. Upon reflection, I realized that the girl I was seeing could have made an attempt to stop it, but chose not to, which made me sad that she wouldn’t/couldn’t see through his line of crap. She insisted I was being a paranoid asshole, and that he was just a really easy going guy.

Needless to say, his comment comes as no surprise to me. I posted about him well over a year ago in another forum, and many were surprised that I’d make disparaging remarks about what seemed to be such a nice guy. Funny how some of the same people were those who took me to task for posting a fat joke about NJ Governor Chris Christie that was uttered by the political opposition after he won the gubenatorial election. Like a wild mob, I was verbally assaulted for DARING to post something so negative about fat people, when supposedly I claimed to be a supporter of Fat Activism and size acceptance. Seemed like everyone forgot all the work I did, not only for the NJ Bash, but for financially supporting different size acceptance and fat activism activities, and chose to rip me for simply quoting someone else as an example of how far we still need to go in reducing fat bigotry.

THAT is the problem that I have with guys like this, that comments they make such as this set fat people on edge, and put their fat sensitivity into overdrive. Later, when a good person comes along, they can be completely misunderstood, simply due to the large numbers of guys who act like this. They purport to be lovers of fat women, when it’s more likely they have low opinions of themselves, they assume fat women are all they can get out of life, and then resent those women simply because they feel like they can’t do better. Many guys like me are around by choice, but I have to say that the constant pressure of having to prove onesself to others because of the fat sensitivity can be really frustrating at times.

Coming in future blogs will be the discussion of other types of FAs, many of who cause similar harm, but because this was a recent occurrence, felt a need to post it now. Hidden attitudes like this are a direct hit to fat people when they become public, but at least he saved some women who read this from potential hurt and heartbreak by the candid comment on his Facebook that perhaps he felt no one would notice. I wonder what he’d say if a black woman had stood him up that evening?

I knew I should have taken that plane to Vegas………………….


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