Balance of Power

Something interesting happened this evening.

A good friend of mine also blogs about the BBW/FA phenomena, and his latest was about how the behavior of some of the fat women and the men who supposedly” adore them has had a negative effect on the community. I’ve been preaching this to the point of some getting sick of hearing it, but his blog is so to the point that I just may never write about it again, and just refer people to HIS blog. It’s a great read.

Many of you know from previous blogs that I’ve been disappointed in a community that puts such a strong emphasis on sex to the point of nearly negating the worth of the other person (not that I dislike sex, but that’s a whole other blog). So, reading another blog that articulates the concept of self worth in the community was really encouraging to me this evening. I suggest you all read this blog with an open mind, and forget who wrote it, because some of you will pick it apart before you finish the first paragraph, just because of who wrote it.

Then, to top off my night, I link to an article in the Village Voice about guys who like fat girls……………………..AND THE ARTICLE SEEMS FAIR AND BALANCED!

One of my favorite quotes in the article:

“Society sucks, and society says you need male validation. If you’re trying to say fat is attractive, as a lot of women out there are, it helps to find legitimate people who find this attractive.”

Well, I AM a legitimate guy, so this article is encouraging to me as well, not because I’m putting myself out there as boyfriend material, but because it seems like some people actually GET IT, you know, the fact that we’re people first, then people who are either fat, or someone who is attracted to the fat body type.

My point always has been that we in this community can effect change by just living our lives, and affecting those around us so that the perception of us as fat people or people attracted to fat people is framed by everything else that those around us know about us that makes us legit to begin with. With that said, even with the lunatics within our community of people popping off at the mouth and giving us a bad name, we can still negate their effect.

Because honestly, I don’t have time to kick that many asses.


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