All Is NOT Lost!! (aka SOME “GET IT”)

Typically, I won’t post blogs several times a week, but something caught my attention today, and I felt a need to elaborate on it.

From a recent thread in Dementians (by a guy who only has 11 posts!):

Beauty exists in all of us, regardless of physical attributes. As an FA, I prefer larger women, though I do not feel that I belong to any particular class of society because of this. Yet there is still a stigmatised view of overweight people in our world, the last prejudice is fattism. It really burns me up to think how people suffer because of their physical appearance and the narrow-minded views of others. At least here, we can express ourselves freely, but equality is the ultimate goal for a decent society. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Forget about conforming, by pleasing yourself you will please others…am I right?

What a poignant set of thoughts, by someone who has 11 posts in a forum filled with shameless self promoters and liars and cheats (REMEMBER……..NOT ALL).

Someone asked me a while ago why I continue to read in a forum that I feel has outlived its usefulness, and my reply would be for posts like these. There are times that I can overlook the idiocy of everything else that goes on there, and focus on such a simple group of thoughts.

I’m assuming this fellow is relatively new to the “community”, as he joined the forum in March of this year. I can only assume that his parents raised him without prejudice, and sees something that he “prefers” as repulsive to others, based on “narrow minded views”. He’s seems idealistic, defending his preference as if to say he plans on changing their way of thinking.

He’s reached the first plateau.

Guys who can hang on to these ideals will be the future of fat/size acceptance. It is PRECISELY that attitude that will change those in his world, a person at a time.

Other than the wildness of the pro wrestling I promote, I’m a pretty sane guy. I work hard, partner with 2 others in the pro wrestling promotion, play fantasy baseball, and love to cook. To most of the world, I seem “normal”. So when I say matter of factly that I’m attracted to a fat female body type, I expect those around me to understand that in the same way if a guy were to mention he’s attracted to blondes, or girls with body piercings.

To the FAs, if you can’t afford to financially support organizations that will change the laws in an effort to give fat people equal rights, or the individuals like Substantia Jones and her Adipositivity project, or Kira Nerusskaya and her “Fat Girls Float” film, work at changing the world around you. It’s a slow, but effective process. When people who know and respect you hear about your choice of partners, and they compare with the rest of what they know about you, I think their level of acceptance and understanding of that small part of what makes you YOU goes up.

I have a good friend that I know from the flooring business. We’ve been friends for over 7 years. He isn’t attracted to fat women, but has asked me a lot of questions about my “attraction”, and why I’m so vigilant about protecting the interests of fat people. He knows me well, and as a result, my answers are taken in the context of being no different than my answers about why certain tile adhesives are more effective than others, or why the Yankees will still win the American League East this season.

And that’s the point. Fat people can’t hide. I can, but I won’t, especially knowing that I can be significant in changing how people feel when they look at a fat person.

And the guy who posted in Dimensions? If he doesn’t get “ruined” by the analytical crazies and other overbearing idiots, he may be a soldier for the cause as well.

Keep on truckin’.


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