Oh gracious! Are you Bodacious?

This past week I made an announcement that the New Jersey  Bash for the spring was delayed, since there were some issues with the hotel where it’s been run until now.  I’m still on a hiatus from the community (despite what others think or say), meaning I’m not posting in any forums, and I haven’t participated in any formal BBW/FA social events since October.  That has helped me to clear my mind of all things fat, not in a bad way, but in terms of reconciling my attraction to fat women with my personal core values.

I have strong feelings that there are many in this community who want to get rich off of fat.  Last week I posted a blog about Gaining Gabi, who claimed to orgasm countless times when she ate.  My theory was that she hoped that the media hubub that she created might result in more business for her site, but I went on about the cost of that to the fat community.

This week I’d like to introduce you to Zik Ukaeje, who publishes a magazine called Bodacious.  Bodacious started in 2003, and right now is the largest publication devoted to BBW’s in print.  Zik has  been a huge supporter of the Vegas Bash, and his parties at those events have become legend.

I don’t know Zik personally, but I know several mutual friends who tell me that he’s a nice guy.  Here’s a quote about Bodacious from his website:

BODacious™ Magazine it’s everything you ever wanted to know about the larger, curvier lifestyle, from the women who live it, to the guys that love it. It’s a high gloss print magazine for men and women. It’s the first magazine of its kind depicting larger women in a light so similar to the mainstream magazines that it would be hard to tell the difference, except for the fact that in our magazine we feature Full-Figured Women. It has a flavor and style never before met, or seen in the magazine market for publications featuring larger women. This magazine is published quarterly and is setting the standard in which other magazines of this “niche” will follow. Each issue is packed with thought-provoking articles, evocative fiction, straightforward editorials and up-scale erotic photography. Sprinkle in a sense of humor, a touch of madness and just a pinch of naughty is nice, and you’ll have one of the most talked about magazines in the mainstream market today.

For me personally, this is not everything I wanted to know about the larger, curvier lifestyle.  What I KNOW about the larger, curvier women that I’ve had in my life is that while they were all beautiful, like the rest of the world, they all had sides that weren’t associated with the “hot” BBW lifestyle that Zik espouses here.

I’ve often told the fat women that I’ve had in my life that while their fat got them here (to me), it’s WHO THEY ARE that keeps them in my life.  I believe that, and there is no set of boobs, or belly or ass or thighs that are hot enough to keep me with someone who I couldn’t share my life with for more than 2 hours without my brain starting to bleed.

So, Zik uploaded a video several days ago to announce that he’s on a 30 city in 30 days tour to get the Miriam Webster dictionary to amend the word “bodacious” to include the following:

Sexy Full Figured person; male or female.

I don’t know about you all, but I think all people are sexy in their own way, so I have a hard time accepting the word to only include fat people.  The other thing about what I feel is self aggrandizing is that he is seeking signatures for a petition to do so.  I know from my language arts courses that often words are amended in the dictionary, but they’re typically not changed by petition, but by people who simply contact the various etymologists who work for the dictionaries in question.  So what do I think this is all about?

For me, yet another person trying to make money off of fat people.  I’m sure this guy loves fat women, but I think he appreciates revenue just as much, which explains why he’s trying to call attention to himself and his magazine.  I think even in a bad economy, some FA’s will pay whatever is necessary to rub one out, and Zik wants to be in the forefront of that.

Oh, and if someone can loan him a bus, please call him so he can start his 30 city tour.

I’ll just be driving around New Jersey and Pennsylvania, trying to make a living on my own talents and merits.


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