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Happy New Year.

Not much to say today.  This blog isn’t meant to incriminate the forums at Dimensions, or any forum in general, but again to point out the insanity that goes on in the BBW/FA community.

A friend of mine, Julia McCrossin (aka Butch in Dimensions) posted something on the main board about an opportunity for fat activism today.  Here’s her post:

For those of you not aware, today marks the beginning of a great online activism campaign for Health at Every Size and fat acceptance, under the heading of New Year’s ReVolutions. If you are curious about it, check out the website about this activism at

I was made aware of the New Years Revolutions event some time ago through Facebook.  While I’m not fat, I chose to participate because  I think it’s important that OUTSIDERS see that people who aren’t fat think this is an important issue.  What intrigued me about her post (which was posted at 7:21 am on New Years Day) was that as I write this (4:30 pm today), there have only been 26 views of this post, and no responses.

Let’s contrast that with another thread on the main Dimensions board.  This one was posted back in 2008 by a former BBW porn star named Glory Foxx (yes, she actually did hardcore video clips) who stopped in to say hello and do a bit of promotion back in the day, starring in the very memorable film “Roly Poly Gang Bang” (No, I haven’t seen it, in case you were wondering)


Now, keep in mind that the thread that she started kinda hit the wall in June of 2008 and fell into the abyss of the Dimensions boards.  Well, wouldn’t you know that the day after Christmas the thread was resurrected in Dimensions by a guy who calls himself stevenbbwlvr, who has a total of 260 posts in Dimensions, most of which were made on the Paysite forum.  Anyway, what I found incredible was that this thread over the past 5 days generated much more interest than the activism thread, since there were 16 responses to the Glory Foxx thread since it was resurrected this past week.

A while ago I posted a thread questioning if the paysite forums had an effect on how BBW’s were viewed by FA’s, and I received a resounding NO.  Yet, one looks at a site like Dims and sees a cleverly disguised post from a girl who never contributed anything to the “important” forums in Dimensions except to say she was there, and the balance of her posts were about website updates.

Still with me?  My point is that no matter how you try to twist and bend it, these forums are about sex, plain and simple.  All one has to do is look at the number of viewers at any given time, and the bulk of the attention is given to the porn boards.  So few people who frequent the forums give a rats ass about any kind of fat or size acceptance, and it’s disheartening.

“But Phil, be honest…….size acceptance didn’t bring you to the forums 14 years ago, FAT GIRLS DID!!!!!”

Correct, grasshoppers, but my idea of attraction isn’t about rubbing one out over a pic or a video, or fawning over a webmodel (ask my ex, she’ll tell you).  I like RELATIONSHIPS, and once I became involved with some of the women, and saw what they went through in terms of discrimination, and how fat people are perceived, I became involved with fat activism and later with size acceptance.  People who spoke with me in chat 14 years ago will tell you that we spoke about everything under the sun, often leaving out the whole “i liek ur fatt” conversation, simply because I assumed that they already KNEW that, otherwise I wouldn’t have been there.

I hate where our forums and chat rooms have come.  They’re no longer about people exchanging ideas, they’ve become a medium for people who treat this as a fetish (which I refuse to believe that it is), which makes it easier to belabor the sexual aspect of the attraction, rather than to even acknowledge that the “person” they are talking with has any thoughts other than fat…………….and THAT, coupled with the overall bad attitude, snarkiness, and constant self centeredness of the posters, has caused me to stop posting in the forums.  It feels pretty good by the way, since I no longer get aggravated, and my blood pressure is actually going down as a result.



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