Size acceptance – The Movement?

Sent to me today in a message:

“You know, I used to think I was pretty but the size acceptance movement has killed my self esteem. Odd eh?”

But IS it odd?  I’m hearing this more an more these days.  What is it about the size acceptance movement that us causing people to feel worse about themselves?  Recently a webmodel friend of mine was lamenting the fact that her business was down, that she was no longer signing up new members to her site, and that existing subscribers were not returning.  She contacted a few of the guys and was told by all that it was due to the fact that she had lost some weight, and had gone down from “supersized” to what is currently a manageable weight for her, but not buy the men who paid for her website.  One idiot posted about another girl on a forum who had posted some pictures and videos:  “No bouncing, no jiggling, just her standing and looking mildly uncomfortable at the prospect of doing something more than just standing there, which pretty much tells you she doesn’t like the way she looks”

Oh so she’s here to amuse you, and you’ve now judged her, just based on a few pics and videos.  Again, this will be discussed in a future blog, since the purpose here is to decide what is going in in the community with regard to size acceptance.

Is it possible that the size acceptance movement as it is in our “community” is not really about acceptance at all?

Don’t ask me, I’ve only been around this community for about 14 years.  Overheard by me about 8 years ago from a woman discussing what she was going to do with another woman (about 60 lbs heavier than her) who had designs on her man:  “I’ll take that  heifer, and throw her fat ass down the stairs”.  Is that kinda like black people calling each other nigger?


Tell you why.  Generally, within the black community, my experience is that as a group, they seem more unified.  Additionally, even within their own social ranks, they seem unified.  So, their term of endearment is JUST THAT.  In the BBW/FA community, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Can you imagine 2 BBW’s greeting each other hugging and saying “Hey my FAT PIG!”  Trust me, if a BBW is calling another BBW a fat pig, I doubt it’s intended to be a compliment.  Yet this happens all the time.

So, if you’re a newbie coming into this community, and you’re unlucky enough to be a small sized BBW, you’re generally disliked.  Guys hate you because you’re too small.  Of course, if you’re willing to gain massive amounts of weight, and potentially put your life in danger for the purpose of said guy getting off over your bursting seams, and inability to walk no further than to the fridge, he might actually pay attention to you.

Yes, many women may dislike you as well.  You’re a small girl, or at least smaller than most of them are.  And while they don’t expect you to get attention from the men in the community, you represent what many of them wish they were.  THINNER.

And while you may think you’re grossly overweight, men in this community will make you feel inadequate since they view you as thin.  If you’re looking to improve how you feel about how you look, this isn’t the place to come, trust me.  Let me ask you this, would you give any credibility to a guy who can look at a photo like this, and make the following comment?

“Wow, you’re beautiful!!!”

Really???  How the hell do you know?  I can’t tell anything from that pic, yet somehow this idiot has determined that every other part of her in the picture must be attractive to him.  I dunno, maybe there’s something wrong with me, but I wouldn’t buy a car if someone just sent me a picture of the car door and bumper and excluded everything else.  Despite my feelings, seems like so many guys get off on just seeing the fat, totally disregarding the rest of the person, who they are, and what they think and feel about things.  And so many people in this community still claim that for most, this isn’t a fetish.

I wonder how many guys navigate to the Adipositivity website, not to appreciate the aesthetic endeavors of the so-talented Substantia Jones, but to simply rub one out to the pics.  Yeah, they’re all about acceptance, huh?

I recently saw a thread on one of the troll boards where guys were posting pics of a recently deceased paysite model.  Another girl (not  a paysite model), who posted some of her pics for “approval” posted in the thread, and asked why the FA’s would post and go gaga over a dead girl, when she was alive (and thinner than the former webmodel).  This accepting group told her that they “preferred” the dead SSBBW to the smaller girl who came looking for compliments.  I believe she left that forum surprised and confused.

Do you think that leaving surprised and confused doesn’t happen often?  I can give you LISTS of names of people who came to this community looking for acceptance, and leaving surprised and confused.  You can also add hurt and angry as well.  It happens on virtually all BBW/FA related forums.

“But, we’re here to fight the injustice against fat people by the non-fat, judgmental world who treats us like crap 24-7, and 365 days of the year!!!”

That’s………………………………………………..on the outside.  On the inside, it seems like it’s a different story.

More soon.


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