Punching the clown……..

Sometimes I don’t even have to write a blog.

From a fairly well known BBW “appreciation” forum.  Discussion topic “Why girls don’t want their men jackin’ off”

“Just keep jerking off, just try not to do it front of her. Be open about it look at porn movies if your around them while you are out. Just say girl you know I love you”

“The answer seems kind of obvious. Spent bullets. If you’ve fired off a few scum missiles before you even hit the bed, what’s leftover for her?  Surely, not your A-game.  (IMO) Looking at porn is not cheating. Looking at porn is something to do instead of cheating. Watch for her Jedi lady mind tricks, son.”

“because your fanasizing and lusting for another chick…especially if the chick looks better than your chick…”

“If the ladies have a problem with that (Males lusting females). They should take it up with God. That’s who programmed us.”

“Its like this… If your defense is that your “not cheating” n ur just horny then fuck your woman whenever you want no matter what. As soon as you wanna fuck & she doesnt for whatever reason… “Im tired, Im not in the mood, Im on my period” Etc…. Thats when u have your legitimate excuse to jackoff to porn.. If she begins asking why are you jacking off (to her or to that, THE SUBJECT AT HAND) just be like… Its not about who im jerking off too its why… I can’t get laid n i need something to stimulate my thoughts.. Period.”

“I understand where you guys are coming from but damn some of you have to get some better communication with your women. My wife knows I like looking at porn, she dont like it much but has had to accept it because she understands that I am not perfect and that no matter what she does I will look at porn. Don’t let anybody stop you from doing what you like to do, or you will be miserable”

“she’s got a problem, tell her to step it up… That’s what I do with mine.”

“One Word -INSECURITY.  That is why all women act they way they do.”

Yeah, I got nothin’.


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