Yeah, we’re all “normal” here…..really………..

Watch this video carefully………..

No, I didn’t post this so the guy could qualify for an Oscar.  Let me explain.

This guy is from the BBW/FA community.  He is crying because his SSBBW girlfriend is returning to him.  Great.

His girl is a well known paysite model.  For those of you outside of the community, a BBW paysite model is a girl/woman who posts her pictures and videos of her being fat, for guys who pay money to watch them be……….fat.  Why, you ask?  Simple, they pay for pics and videos so they can masturbate to them.

Okay, so that’s not really that much different from thinner paysite models, right?  Well it is, at least to me, but that will be the subject of another blog from me at some point.  This blog was meant to discuss some of the idiocy within the community.

I don’t know the guy in the video, although I’ve met his girlfriend.  I don’t know her well.  I do know that she left him several months ago, and I don’t know the circumstances.  I have some friends who have told me that this guy is off his rocker, but I guess you’ve already been able to determine that by the video.   If you’ve yet to make that determination, you can watch the rest of his videos on YouTube, and I promise that you will get to that point soon enough.

So, he’s thrilled that she’s returning to him, and in his euphoric state,  promises that he won’t be “lazy” anymore, whatever that means.

She’s returning, even though less than 3 weeks ago, she was responding to a personals post she placed on a well known “feeder” forum (again, for those not in the BBW/FA community, too long to explain.  I promise another blog).  I wonder what misfortune would drive her back to her ex?

There is a lot of  “control” by FA’s exerted on BBW’s.  Occasionally it’s the other way around, but generally it’s us guys who leverage the women.  It comes in many ways including, but not limited to:

1.  Telling the woman that she isn’t fat enough (imagine after hearing from the IRL world that you are too fat for their standards, you come to a community that is supposedly based on size acceptance, only to hear that you are STILL inadequate by FA’s who don’t think you’re fat enough).  Imagine being involved with someone who uses the word “love”, then tells you that if you really loved him you wouldn’t mind gaining weight.  Remember, you LIKE food, and it would make him really happy if you did.

2.  Leverage by subtly forcing the woman to rely on the guy for everything.  These guys do just about everything for their women, and never cease to remind them of it, as if to say this will all stop if we break up.  Now the more secure BBW may never allow it to come to that point to begin with, but there are many who do, and they buy into what the guy says.  Again subtle, but effective control.

3.  How about the FA who continually tells his woman that if he goes, the BBW will never find anyone who will be with them?  Again, the smart woman knows that this is bullshit, but many ladies buy into this, and hang onto these guys long after they should, thinking that it’s better to be with a douchenozzle than to be alone.  A lot of women smarten up, as they begin to integrate into the community, and post on the internet forums devoted to BBW’s and FA’s

4.  Better yet, the guy who just starts to heap tons of verbal abuse on his “loved one”, which some of the women buy into.  They slowly, and subtly break down women to the point that they begin to believe the negative things said about them by their men, and start to think that they don’t deserve better than what they presently have in their life.

5.  Finally, think about the pressure that’s put on women to have sex at BBW events and dances.


Now, I know that some of you are thinking that it’s not JUST the guy’s fault.  To a great extent I agree, and will soon blog about that.  I think that it’s really important to keep in perspective that fat women for years have been treated as inferior by family and “friends”, and even strangers.  So coming into a community where women are supposedly not only accepted but revered, a LOT of influence can be exerted to get a woman to be a means to an end for many of the guys.

A while ago, I had a conversation with a girl who had a reputation for being very promiscuous at BBW events.  I asked her if it was true, and she admitted that it was, but that quite honestly, she “liked variety”.  I told her that while I thought that was cool, I wondered if she missed the intimacy of a real, loving relationship.  She admitted that she didn’t know, since in her adult life she hadn’t really been in one.  Upon hearing that I asked if she really enjoyed the variety, and if the truth was no, why would she do it?

Her answer?  “They paid attention to me”.

Which I guess is why the guy in the video is getting his woman back.

For a while, at least……………………………………..unless he can keep her under his thumb.



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