Exposing “Bad Wrestlers Exposed”

"Never put yourself over at somebody else's expense"  ~  Prime Time Amy Lee I remember that quote really well, not because it came from someone who I have a tremendous amount of respect for when it comes to indy wrestling.  I remember it because it's ethical.  Unfortunately the pro wrestling business has never been a …

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Hi Panera! Meet Chick-Fil-A (& Say Goodbye To Me)

For the past 8 months, I've been ordering from Panera Catering for my "Lunch & Learns".  Essentially, a lunch & learn is provided by my employer.  We purchase lunch for an architect/design firm, and then I give a lecture/class that provides continuing education credits that are required to keep yourself in good standing with the …

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I Can’t Drive…….55, Or Pass In the Proper Lane

Every year, it get just a little bit worse. Spring comes after a cold winter, and people who have been shut in for most of the season decide that the weather is warming up enough to get in their cars and head out someplace/anyplace to have a good time. Interestingly, the cops head out as …

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American Airlines Checked My Dignity at the Gate

I’ve traveled American in the past, and have seen them service the disabled in a kind and courteous manner. The fact that a pilot could make that decision based on “Captain’s orders” has me contemplating not using American for future travel.

I hope Mr. Smith seeks legal action against American,since the captain was acting as an agent of the company when he was removed from the plane, and shame on the other passengers for not speaking up on his behalf.

Powerchair Diaries

By Mark E. Smith

As one with cerebral palsy, using a wheelchair, I’ve been blessed. For two decades, I’ve built a career in the corporate business world. That career has allowed me to fly on hundreds of trips, from Hawaii to Spain, to many destinations in-between. I, like most business travelers, crisscross the friendly skies from event to event, working to support my wife and two daughters, pursuing the success most of us wish.

However, on March 27, 2017, on American Airlines, I saw a dramatically different side to the world of air travel that I’ve long known.

See, I’d finished five days working a trade show in Southern California, and as I waited to board American Airlines Flight 121, departing at 11:30 am, from Los Angeles to Philadelphia, all was typical. I had my ticket in hand, my wheelchair was tagged for cargo, and I was looking forward to…

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Chrissy Metz, Playbill, & Why the Fat Acceptance Movement Disappoints Me.

When I announced that I would start to blog again, I wanted to promise myself that I'd refrain from blogging about fat acceptance, the social (& physical) injustices that fat people experience daily, or my experiences in the social side of the fat community. A few nights ago, a friend of mine who's a writer …

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“The Community” – A Retrospective

My fiancee Lissa posted on Facebook today that it was 7 years ago today that she'd sent me a friend request there.  That post brought me back to 2009, a really emotionally trying time for me.  My second wife had moved out in July of that year, something that I never expected would happen.  Even …

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